This documentary film about a palestinian women brings the viewer close to the conditions isolating Palestinians within their communities. The docu is filmed next to the separation barrier that Israel continues to build in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Terry Boulatta is a mother, teacher and community activist. She shows us how the 27 foot high wall surrounds her neighborhood in East Jerusalem, dividing it from the adjacent community of Abu Dis, severing the historical bonds of the two communities. The wall contributes to the suffocation of life, the latest reality for Palestinians under occupation.

She also takes us on a half hour drive to get from one side of the wall to the other, a trip that previously took palestinians only four minutes. We learn of the terminals and checkpoints through which Palestinians must pass to travel within their own territory.

Terry speaks of the illegal settlements and land confiscations as elements of apartheid, making the Jewish settlers “the masters of the land.” The fears of the jewish people from palestinian attacks are shown in this documentary, but it clearly takes some side with the people from Palestina.

A Palestinian Women


  1. Hi my name is Layla Shenwary. I am 1/2 Afghan 1/2 okie. very infomitive doc. I love Terri, pluss thanks to jimmy carter. for some reason jimmyh has alwas had affection towrads the middled east. thanks jimmy. someday I hope to be able to help, my middle east roots are very imprtant to me. jews, wake up and smell the frackin cofee!

  2. Anyone touched by this film should also read the book “Palestinian Walks: Forays Into A Vanishing Landscape”, by Raja Shehadeh.

  3. My heart is with the Palestinian people in their struggle against Israel/America and I fly the Palestinian flag on my home in NY when the weather permits. I would love to join your fight if I was younger and more able but now I suffer the pains of old age but I can pray for you and I will. May God bless you and Allah also.

  4. Anyone beliving thhis shit should have thiere head examined. All that wall does is keeping the fucking crazy suiziedbombers out. Which these women porolly would have been if they got the chance… Palis are a made up ppl…..

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