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How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?

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populationThis BBC documentary is about us – the human beings living on the planet earth. Naturalist Sir David Attenborough investigates if an ongoing rise in population growth is possible or if we have to introduce birth control to prevent overpopulation. The size of the human population is currently nearly 7 billion people, which is much more than the 2.5 billion in 1950. Until 2050 the UN is expecting about 9 Billion people to be living on this world. One of the big reasons is, that people are becoming older and older, not necessary an increase in family size. The rise of China is one of the big roles, but also the population of other countries will increase. But can we provide enough foot and shelter for all those people without damaging our nature for ever?

Horizon 2009-2010: How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?

a BBC Documentary

Part 1/6

Part 2/6

Part 3/6

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  1. Estimados escribo este comentario, primero para felicitarlos por el blog y luego ,si se me permite, invitarlos a un nuevo sitio de documentales Muchas Gracias, les dejo un abrazo.

  2. I’m not sure we really have to worry about how many people can live on earth as there will always be people dieing thorugh natural causes, diseases, wars etc. in the end I think the balcance between death and births will even out and the population will pretty much stay the same.

  3. Do we really have to worry about resources for the population. There are so many resources on planet earth that have not been tapped into yet. I think we should be concerned with how to tap into those resources rather than controlling population.

  4. I think that controlling population is not our priority wright now…How to reduce pollution is our biggest goal…

  5. We don’t really have any control over the population, that is legal control. Morally is a different issue. It depends on where you stand.

  6. Families with many kids in undeveloped parts of world usually have many kids because the lack of contraception means and because they see their kids as a way to better life. If you can afford machinery you don`t need 10 kids to work in a filed.

  7. AL

    I’m trying to find 600 people who will donate at least $10 or perhaps 1 person who will donate $6000. My email is my name AL at saveanavyvet. My page also explains my situation. I’m running out of food. I haven’t found a job and I’m about to be evicted. Thanks everyone.


    i wish and pray tat every American should watch this video…they are the ones who is destroying the planet by such conspicuous consumption..wish a great depression hits the nation and teach them the meaning of austerity!!!

  9. LZ

    I cannot believe the English comments here (& haven’t Google translated the other). People, it’s very basic science. Earth has finite resources – even man made materials start with something coming from our environment. It takes 1.5 yrs to replace what we use in a year – obviously we’re eating into the reserves at a rapid rate, which will compound as our numbers increase exponentially. Just like movies made in the 50s, 60s & 70s, we’ll have to end up eating ourselves if we don’t consume responsibly. Please do your research!

  10. G de L

    Thank you for this documentary. We really need to be aware of this problem. The other species on our planet are being placed under increasing pressure from human population. Many speciees have already become extinct, some species no longer survive in the wild. The earth cannot sustain the increasing numbers of humans and our increasing standard of living. Our quality of life will only be diminished by further extinctions. And we’re running out of food water and clean air as well!

  11. 7 billions from recently. I think we can all manage to fit on this little ball, only if we were smart enough.

  12. If all humans consumed the same as the average Indian does, the earth could sustain as many as 15 billion people. If we consumed as little as the average Rwandan, this would go up to 18 billion. But our planet can only sustain 2.5 billion people living as we do in Britain and only 1.5 billion living in the lifestyle of those in the USA.

  13. AUD32

    Bullshit, do the maths you could house 7 billion with the population density of london and only take up approximately 25% of the sahara desert, and london contains a lot of infrastructure, the media just wants you to go along with mass genocide. And for future reference its not a true billion its not even close !, a true billion has 12 zero’s the population level is recorded the same as the currency which only has only has 9 zeros. And i find it imposable to believe that the united nations has reports on every human being alive to day ,bullshit !

  14. dude i dont have eny idea what im doin on this website

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