human cloningScience has no limits for some scientists. Over the past ten years, Dr. Panayiotis Zavos and his team have experimented on injecting the DNA of an individual to a women’s egg to generate a replica. His quest for human cloning brings him to dangerous and far flung places in the world.

On January 2004, Dr. Zavos has announced that his team has been successful in transferring a clone human embryo to a woman. This is in the team’s attempt to have a woman give birth to a replica human being. As expected, the announcement was met with much criticisms and questions about morality and ethics. Dolly, the first successful animal clone, was the result of 270 animal cloning experiments. Opposing parties fear the significant waste of lives before a successful human clone is produced. Abnormalities also exist in clones, such as in the case of Dolly, and this further fuel the anger and fear against the procedure.

This documentary narrates how Dr. Zavos became interested in human cloning. It also tackles the scientific basis behind the risks of every human cloning experiment and how scientists work around those risks.

Human Cloning: No Boundaries in Science

Discovery Channel Human Cloning