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Norway Massacre: The Killer’s Mind

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norway massacreOn a serene Friday afternoon in Oslo, a massive car bomb exploded outside the Norwegian Prime Minister. Eight people were killed and several buildings within half a mile radius were destroyed. This is just the beginning as the once tranquil city is bound to experience more. The second phase of the attack was targeted at Utoya where 600 young people were in retreat. Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian citizen, gathers the young people around and shoots them brutally. For the next 90 minute, he stalks and guns down any person he sees in the island. He believes that this is his way of liberating Norway and Europe of immigrants specifically Muslims as documented in his self-published manifesto.

This documentary is about the deadliest day in Norwegian history and the extremist behind this unfortunate series of events. Discovery Channel puts together a collection of never before seen footages and interviews to expose the killer’s motives, tactics and plan. The documentary also traces Breivik’s upbringing and the possible reasons as to why he had done such a gruesome massacre.

Norway Massacre: The Killer’s Mind

Discovery Channel

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