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Presidential Election 2000 – How Bush stole the White House

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Many things have been going wrong in the 2000 presidential election. This documentary shows how George W. Bush stole his seat in the white house with a corrupt system that allowed manipulated voting machines, police blokades in black neighbourhoods and not to forget the help of his Brother, the Governor of Floriada. They even put thousands of innocent people on a list of “criminals” that are not allowed to vote. Let’s find out if anything has changed since the last election and if the presidential election 2008 between John McCain and Barack Obama will be as democratic as the United States of America pretend to be.

Unprecedented – The 2000 Presidential Election

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  1. If everybody knows Bush has stolen Presidency through Manipulated Voting Machines, why the Software used in them has not been made open source this time?

  2. lemonadeyum

    white people, i swear they are fuckin evil people

  3. Greenwald does ann excellent job here…. plus another excellent film that is useful to watch about this subject is a short BBC presentation called “How Bush Stole The 2000 Election”, by Greg Palast. (15 mins long)
    It was made in 2000, but quickly buried… and never followed up

  4. Garrett J. Cummins

    Great work! Excellent! I am a life-long Democrat and its a great piece of work.

    I have only one concern. One of the interviewee’s talked about the Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination took place in 1965. Dr. Martin Luther King was actually assassination actually took place on April 4, 1968. Critics may detract from this documentary’s efficacy and truth value.

  5. JC

    A very enlightening programme. Interesting to note that the US invades other countries in the name of democracy when it would appear they don’t have it in their own country. Maybe the Americans got what they deserved and all Bush’s mates made a fat profit out of manufacturing arms?

  6. randy thomson

    This documentary proves beyond any doubt, not that I had any before, the 2000 election was stolen. This is effectively a coup d tat against the smooth and seamless transfer of power to the rightful candidate. Kathleen Harris should be fucking shot, and so should Jeb Bush and every other piece of trash that stole this election. And because of this coup, Bush was able to go to war against Iraq.

  7. David Powers

    To lemonadeyum: I agree there are a lot of evil white people,especially in politics, banking and wall street, but just for the sake of balance; have you ever heard of Rwanda, Darfur or Liberia? Evil doesn’t have a color.

  8. Tipper Gore

    This is a great film showing why black people should not be allowe to vote at all. They can not think critically and blindly follow anybody that promises them more welfare or access to schools, jobs which they are not qualified for.

  9. scottish

    since 2000 we have had 911 since then we have had a lot of deaths involving terrorist now the perpetrators should stand trial for war crimes against innocent civilians wake up America

  10. lemonadeyum

    hows it feel to be the dullest knife in the drawer

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