silicone love dollsWhy would someone chose to have a silicone love-doll instead of a real women? The reasons are various. Some people had accidents or are handicaped, some just don’t feel comfortable around real women or think that they can not find one. So they buy themselves those very expensive (up to 8.000 USD) silicone love-dolls that feel just like real women. Those men even start caring about them and building up a relationsship. This documentary film shows on the example of some men how silicone love dolls – or as some says “real dolls” have changed their lives. And it’s not always about sexuality – a big part of it is psychological.

Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 1

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 2

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 3

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 4

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 5

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  2. both men and women loose the desired look after years, gravity pulls.
    Picture a man who really loves his wife, cares about her, kids and the rest is great,but sex, or sat it’s the way around.
    These dolls are made attractive, some women might feel jealous that they can not look like them and make derogatory statements towards the dolls and users, these dolls will always look the same “very sexy”, if old, it can be replaced.
    Bullshit aside out of 100 men, 70 will admit that these are attractive items and bring ideas to mind. i does bring ideas to mine.
    while having sex with your woman or man you feel the desire going away a little, you have a hot looking thing next to both of you, something might be awaken and there goes the train again.
    Wait around women, dolls for men look wonderful due to the demand, the industry has been driven to focus on female dolls, but if the demand for male looking dolls were higher, there would be better products for you girls instead of an oddly shaped piece of silicone, male dolls that look like a man you are attracted to, and at the same time have a husband that will look at your doll and think shit i wish my chest were like this motherfucker doll. JUST WAIT AROUND N YOU’LL SEE.

    Good for sexual stimulation.

    avoid std’s

    avoid being set you up for child support and the hate involved in those type of, take
    you for your money.

    No prenuptial agreements, your money is fine. (separated assets).
    Everybody needs someone strong to go through life’s good n bad times.

  3. I don’t blame women for feeling intimidated by this. For most of mankind’s history, their sex appeal has been just about the only actual power they’ve had over men. Now these dolls come along…at first glance they are just as real and sexy as any woman. Of course, you don’t have to look at them long before you realize that they are nothing more than cleverly made dolls. They can’t talk, respond to your touch or anything else other than just lie there. However, considering the advances being made in technology, particularly in robotics and artificial intelligence…maybe I should end by repeating that I don’t blame them for feeling intimidated.

  4. It’s a sex toy not a life partner. Fuck it and stuff it back in the cupboard. I sure as shit wouldn’t come home and put little bow ties on a dildo and ask it how its day was and have little romantic photo shoots lol these people are mentally unstable amd social retards PERIOD.

  5. So much hate. So much anger over nothing more than our very nature.

    How can you, as a woman possibly hope to know the hopes and dreams of a man? How can you ever possibly hope to know what it is that drives us? It isn’t just sex, I can tell you that, however, it is a proven fact that most men have much stronger sexual desires than most women. For you to look down on us and spit on us like creeps and weirdos because we want sex is extremely close-minded, and a little insane. You have no idea how we feel. I can guarantee that every man on this site, and most men throughout the entire world masturbate on a regular basis.

    Women masturbate as well, but they don’t have such an overpowering urge; they don’t have that desire that we have, and you will never understand it. Let me put it this way; it’s like any other emotion. Sadness… Anger… Frustration… Overtime these things continuously build up inside us, until they are finally released. When you can’t handle anymore sadness, you break down and cry. When you get really angry and can’t take anymore, you yell and may get violent. Sexual tension is no different. It is just another emotion that builds and builds and must be released at some point. For men, it just builds much faster and stronger. At some point, it needs to be released.

    These dolls are a very good solution to our sexual urges. I obviously don’t approve of these people that talk to these inanimate objects and pretend that they are alive. We all know damn well that a doll is a doll, so that isn’t the real issue, and if you try to make it the issue, then you are a moron. In fact, this whole documentary focused only on people who are crazy about their dolls because those are the stories that are the most interesting. 99% of men would not treat these dolls like real humans. They would use them to increase their quality of life. How can you possibly be so self-righteous that you would look down on us for wanting that?

    On a side note, I read a few comments about women that felt a little jealous of these dolls because they don’t represent a realistic woman. That is true. However, I would like to ask a question. Why would they want to replicate an average woman? These dolls are made to be beautiful; made to fulfill a fantasy. So why would they be made to look “realistic”?
    I guess i kind of understand the feeling though. It’s kind of like a man with an average penis size. He might look at a 9 inch dildo and feel jealous, even if he knows that the dildo isn’t a real representation of the average man. But that is the point! It was made to fulfill a sexual desire that an average man couldn’t! These dolls are the same, you just need to see it from a different view point. Also, I realize that dildos are very different from these life-size, realistic dolls, but the concept is the same, these are just made for maximal sexual pleasure.

  6. Well for me i like buy that doll for collection not for having sex. Maybe it sound weird but having sex with a doll is not a good choice for long time period. Also if i not wrong, this doll have their own benefit too, Such as a man who afraid about AIDS/HIV may think doll is the safe place for him to sex with, some prostitute may infected by AIDS/HIV. Just some not all. SO, i also can’t blame or judge them if i still don’t know the reason. But have a real women are more interesting even sometimes they mock you, drama, crying and etc but it create you a new whole world/memory with you. I have girlfriend, she nice girl always open mind, but she also have her bad side like when we go on date she “voters” in choosing food. For me, I just need to be patient with her layout. That all my opinion, Sorry for bad english and if i say something wrong please tell me.PEACE!!!

  7. These dolls don’t spend your money anoy or talk shit. Far better then a real woman but emptying them would not be for me when there nose starts to run its time to clean them out I suppose.

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