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Surviving the Special Forces Diver’s Training

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special forces dive training

The Special Forces Driver’s training course helps elite soldiers to achieve an even more prestigious status in the US military. In operations requiring Special Forces to sneak in through water, the military sends out the combat dive teams. Highly specialized training is enforced for the soldiers to get pass the dynamic water environments. This documentary walks through this training.

The six week diving course, attended by 53 of the best divers in the military, is done in Florida. Day 1 begins with a test of swimming across half a football field in a single breath. Safety instructors are also in the water to check the vitals and health of each swimmer. The next activity is ‘drown-proofing’ and this aims to test the confidence of each candidate in water. They are required to swim across a pool and do some other tasks while their hands and feet are tied. Signs of panic can cause them to fail the test and the course all together.

Safety trainings, subsurface laps and repeated floating exercises keep them busy for the next days. Check out the documentary below to see these divers in action.

Surviving the Cut: Special Forces Divers

Discovery Channel

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