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Inside The Dark Web – A paradise for hackers and criminals

Internet used to bring free information to the people and blogs were the gateway for free speech and thoughts to overcome mass-media and their...

Boot-Camp for Internet Addicts in China

A NY Times documentary about internet addiction in China and the "treatments" of the Peoples Republic for those internet addicts. They are considered to...

Hunting The Internet Bullies: When Social Networking Turns Bad

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have changed our way of communication. Despite the many advantages that come with this change, there...

Wikileaks: A new form of rebellion

Wikileaks has released more classified documents on the internet than the rest of the worlds media combined. Classified information about mitlitary and diplomatical actions...

Google. Behind the Scenes of the Biggest Information Collection Worldwide

This documentary shows how Google works behind the scenes and describes the ultimate goals of Google. Primarily it is to collect ALL information available...



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