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special forces dive training

Surviving the Special Forces Diver’s Training

  The Special Forces Driver’s training course helps elite soldiers to achieve an even more prestigious status in the US military. In operations requiring Special...

Top 10 Military Machines & Weapons Of the US Forces

Across the centuries, military forces have been vital in ensuring the peace and harmony of a nation. While military leaders have been a factor...
Is There Really A President’s Secret Book?

Is There Really A President’s Secret Book?

In January 2009, the chief justice administered the oath of office to US President Barrack Obama. Upon arriving at the White House, Obama discovers...
Army Ranger School Training

Surviving the Army Ranger School Training

The Army Ranger School is considered to be the toughest training  in the military. Less than 1% of the whole army qualify to go...

Gang War USA – The Deadly “Mara Salvatrucha”

This documentary gives an insight in the actions of the MS13 gang. Gangs with members from all over Latinamerika are known as Mara Salvatrucha...



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