The Development of North Korea’s Nuclear Weapon

north korea nuclear weaponThe whole world is now in the mercy of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il. Kim Jong-Il was the supreme leader of the North Korea from 1994 to 2011. Kim Jong-Il, upon his death in December 2011, was succeeded by his third son who had the same principles as his dad. Before his death, Kim Jong-Il claimed to be in the possession of  nuclear weapons. He threatens to use this against anyone who threatens his regime. The nuclear weapon will supplement the country’s army which is the fifth largest in the world. Whether he has the actual bomb or the materials to build it, the threat can’t be taken for granted.

In kindergarten, children are taught of the birthday of Kim Jong-Il and how instrumental he was in the liberation of the country against conquerors. Children were taught that US missionaries are barbaric and that North Korea is the best place to live in the world. When the communist countries began to collapse in 1980s, he planned to protect his regime by starting a nuclear weapons development program.

The United Nations believe that this nuclear bomb can possibly be sold to terrorist organizations that can use this to wipe out cities if not nations. This documentary explains the adverse effects of the country’s nuclear weapons development and why the country’s people continue to revere the communist leadership.

The Development of North Korea’s Nuclear Weapon


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