history of god in different religions

Life, the Universe and Everything. Professor Robert Winston examines the roots of religious beliefs in prehistoric societies and how humanity’s sense of the divine developed in different ways in different societies. This BBC documentary will describe particularly the divergence between religions that appear to tolerate a range of deities and those that present strict monotheism. In this light the film looks at the emergence ofthe Hindu concept of Brahman as the supreme being with the many different forms that this can take, and also the ideas of karma and reincarnation central to both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The docu further explores Zoroastrianism, perhaps the first explicitlymonotheistic religion.

The Story of God – Part 1: Life, the Universe and Everything


This programme looks at religions in the Abrahamic tradition. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are examined in order to understand the ideas about God they share and the issues that divide them. The documentary focuses on the relations between men and God and the numerous issues that arise from these considerations. These may include: how does God want us to live? Does God have a plan for the world and humanity? What about free will? If God created humanity why does God allow humanity to suffer?

This film examines how belief in God had been challenging the modern world by secular ideas, in particular science – how people of all religious beliefs have over the centuries accommodated their faith with the pursuit of knowledge. It explores how advances in astronomy, physics and biology challenged religious beliefs,particularly in the Christian West, and the historic and current debates over Darwin’s theory of evolution. Finally, the documentary looks at those scientific disciplines where a convergence between faith and science seems possible.


  1. Wonderful food for thought and sight! Doing a great intellectual service! However, I would love to see some more philosophical, spiritual and theoretical documentaries as well! For example, what about a documentary on Alice in Quantum Land?

    Jamshed Iqbal

  2. Dear webmaster, i really appreciate putting up such documentaries on internet. I am a regular viewer of documentaries on your website.

    However, the abstract written for part 1 has an error. The supreme God in Hinduism is “Bramha”, the God of Gods. Brahman is the priest, regarded as the supreme sect in Hinduism. This information is first hand, since i am a Hindu.

    Thanks for putting up such knowledgeable films. Helped me understand so many religions in a couple of hours.

  3. Hi Sunil,
    Thank you very much for the compliments and the explaination of the differences between bramha and brahman.

  4. Part2
    I wonder why the producer jumps directly to the Shies which only practiced in Iran and also focuses on folowers of Ali, who are even smaller minority.

    By the way, did you know that even a muslim cannot go to Mecca on his own? For example: last year, by SaudiArabia, only 72 thousands people from Turkiye were allowed to do pilgrimage.

  5. I am a scientist as well spiritual person. I have such a hard time explaining to people that God and Science can and do go hand-in-hand. Part III of this documentary I thought truly captures the essence of what I believe. This is an amazing documentary.

  6. Why does the first segment cut off at 51:10 of 58:37 and why does the third segment cut off at 53:33 while still unfinished? The technical problems detract from an otherwise good presentation on the diversity of faiths.

  7. Oh gosh it’s really frustrating me how some people cannot speak correct English on this website, much less spell it out. I don’t know if they’re doing it out of pure ignorance or what but there should be a rule where if you can’t speak correct English, you are not allowed to post at all. I swear some people just need to stop going on the internet and trying to pick fights because of their poor English.

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