This free documentary film is exploring the complex relations between the Taliban, Iran, Pakistan and fundamentalist Islamic groups operating in these regions. The documentary makes it clear that the Taliban have now turned their attention to Iran and have been fermenting trouble there.

The Taliban take us to see Iranian hostages. Caught by the mujahadeen these diplomats were sold to the Taliban. They’re booty in the intensifying struggle between the two great houses of Islam. Afghanistan is Sunni – Iran, Shia. Taliban members tell us of their intent to take the Taliban’s revolution on to Iran. Mohiuddin is a militant member of Iran’s Sunni minority.

They are guests of the Taliban and have previously operated here in secret. But here they make an explosive announcement: the launch of their own Taliban-style revolution on Iranian soil. And if nations start aligning, Pakistan would be right by the Taliban’s side. Pakistan’s creation of the Taliban is again strongly depicted through the Taliban Madrassas or schools, which are based in Pakistan.

Filming in a key religious school near Peshawar, the reporters find Sami-ul-Haq preaching to 2,500 students from all over the Arab world. A man who is one of the Taliban’s ideological founding fathers, provides them with a new generation of recruits. Watching this documentary makes it clear, why a quick victory in Afghanistan is not possible with military forces.

Exporting the Taliban Revolution – Afghanistan


  1. we would love to negotiate with pakistan as we love our neighbour but doesnt mean we should obey watever they are implementing on us

  2. Pakistan has been fighting war against terror for a decade now. The country is frontline state against the terrorism and is fighting this war on the behalf of the whole world. Pakistan has given many sacrifices in terms of blood and money to root out the scourge of terrorism.

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