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Who dares think a nation?  This is the entire film, American Philosopher, by Phillip McReynolds.  Philosophers, including Richard Rorty, Hilary Putnam, Richard Bernstein, Joseph Margolis, John E. Smith, and many others, discuss the very idea of “American Philosophy”, the origins of pragmatism, and the role of the philosopher in American life.

American Philosophers – The Film: Philosophy in America

American Philosopher The Film from Phillip McReynolds on Vimeo


  1. This is so bad, who made the background music. Completely insane and too loud so no way to understand any of the comments. Even it they are just a teribble sequence of choped phrases or half sentences of too many people to digest. This is schiozophrenic.

  2. I got my B.A. in Philosophy from Cal-State Fullerton in 1982. Life took me in other directions and ultimately I did not make it to grad school. But I very much miss those days and being in the company of Philosophy students and teachers. In some ways those were some of the most fulfilling times of my life. This film really brought back those times for me and reminded me of the many schools of philosophy we were involved with; and it also reminded me of the questions we worked on and that whole style of discussion and debate. Obviously the film had budget limitations and time constraints, but even with some of the difficulties with the sound and some of the graphics, it’s still a very worthwhile discussion to listen to. I advise viewers to look past the flaws in the film and take the time to consider this unusual take on the concept of a uniquely American Philosophy. Does it really exist or not? If so, what is it and where is it going? Again, my thanks to the folks who took the time to make this film. It felt like a bit of home.

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