Amish, secret life, documentary, bbcThe Amish Mennonite movement originally comes from Switzerland. Nowadays a quarter of a millionen Amish live in America. They are very traditional and believe in a simple and plain live. They don’t use modern technology and so it was very extraordinary that one Amish family allowed a camera team to film them for two weeks. The family even risked excommunication from their church by doing so. But after praying to god for two weeks they came to the conclusion, that he doesn´t mind.

This documentary gives an interesting insight in the usually so secret life of the Amish. The family for example explains why the don´t use electricity and other things.

Amish – A Secret Life:



  1. Interesting. Having grown up only seeing these people on the roads and only hearing about their skills in sustainable living, I find it interesting to see how they actually live. I wish somewhat that the rest of society would revert back to some of the lifestyle of these folks.

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