Over the last years, reports about alien encounters, ufos and extraterrestrial beings have risen. These claims are often backed up by pictures which according to sceptics can be easily fabricated. Some pictures are even natural and are known to really happen once in a while. Still others say that the ufos reported are secret military vessels. This documentary from the Discovery Channel investigates these claims and seeks the truth on whether there is really a life beyond our planet.

People have long been intrigued with aliens and the possibility of life beyond this realm. We see this tackled in popular culture and movies depicting aliens are successful commercially. The first documented sighting of alien aircrafts happened in Europe during the end of the World War 2. According to numerous airforce pilots, they saw balls of fire in varying colors at their plane’s wings. Curious to what they are, the pilots tried to chase them off as they could be from the enemies. Nobody from the team was able to get hold of the unidentified flying object.

Watch the documentary below to find out other reported sightings and the corresponding scientific explanations behind them.

Are Aliens are Closer Than We Think?

Discovery Channel