The documentary film “Big Bucks, Big Pharma” pulls back the curtain on the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to expose the insidious ways that illness is used, manipulated, and in some instances created, for capital gain. Focusing on the industry’s marketing practices, media scholars and health professionals help viewers understand the ways in which Direct-To-Consumer pharmaceutical advertising glamorizes and normalizes the use of prescription medication, and works in tandem with promotion to doctors. Combined, these industry practices shape how both patients and doctors understand and relate to disease and treatment. Ultimately, Big Bucks, Big Pharma challenges us to ask important questions about the consequences of relying on a for-profit industry for our health and well-being. The documentary gives an understanding about the reasons we have to fear all kinds of illnesses and why it is good (for them) to believe in their marketing campaigns and buy the drugs they show us on TV. The five bigest pharmaceutical companies in the US allone hat sales of more than 550 Billion USD in 2004!

Big Bucks, Big Pharma – Marketing Disease & Pushing Drugs


  1. Great illustration of Marketing Disease & Pushing Drugs. Thanks to the authors of this documentary.

  2. It would appear that people all over have serious drug problems, it does not matter if they are legal drugs or illegal drugs, A PUSHER is a PUSHER!

  3. Can someone please explain to me why marijuana is illegal? – and why the DEA is not raiding Big Pharma?

  4. Was it mere coincidence or someone’s idea of a practical joke that alongside the streaming video of the documentary there sat a feel-good advertisement for a prescription drug?

  5. well this movie was very interesting.I never knew how bad drug abuse has gottin over the years.I feel as if whenever someone has a problem they try to solve it with drugs which is a very bad thing. People are asking why weed is illegal but honestly i feel as if it shouldnt be illegal because it doesnt have any bad side affects to it other than memory loss but other than that its a safe drug.

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