internet-chinaA NY Times documentary about internet addiction in China and the “treatments” of the Peoples Republic for those internet addicts. They are considered to suffer from a “mental health issue” and are treated in that manner. Most addicts are young Chinese teenagers that get “deprogrammed” in rehabilitation centers like the “Internet Addiction Treatment Center in Daxing” – a suburb of Beijing. But there are 100s of such treatment centers in China.

The teenagers or children are kept behind bars and are guarded by soldiers for up to 4 month. The principle is close to Boot-Camps for prisoners in the USA and are also used to treat people with other political believes – aka “behavioral disorders”. According to the treatment centers for internet addictions they have a 70% success rate with their patients.

But internet addiction and treatment centers for internet addicts are already a topic in the US and there have allready opened Internet Addiction Treatment Centers in the USA!

China’s Web Junkies: Internet Addiction

(NY Times)