marijuana cancer treatmentLots of studies have come out with the idea that cannabis can combat cancer cells. According to them, the presence of cannabis in the body has significant effect in fighting cancer cells in the brain, skin, breast, thyroid, colon and lungs. They allegedly do this by promoting the death of cancer cells that have forgotten how to die. One of the best reasons to explain this is the fact that all of us have a form of cannabis in our body in the form of the endocannabinoid system. The ECS system manages the body’s energy intake, metabolism and nutrient transport.
Also popularly known as marijuana, these studies have surprised a lot of people who think that marijuana or cannabis are harmful when taken in the body. Scientists have however pointed out that only small doses of marijuana are proven to be effective against cancer cells. There is also the issue surrounding the fact that individuals who undergo such unconventional treatment can experience adverse side effects. There are multiple mechanisms by which cannabis can help the body but controlling which mechanism is activated remains impossible even to this day.
The documentary below presents scientific evidences to support the theory that cannabis or marijuana can help cure cancer. It also features the struggles of a young boy who was diagnosed with rare disorder and whose parents consented on a cannabis treatment.

Cannabis Science: How Marijuana Affects Heath

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