casinoIt’s only a game of chance but gamblers around the globe bet with their bank accounts and even their lives on it. Players hold their breath in every spin of the wheel and in every roll of the dice. But for some, playing in the casino is not for fun and games, it’s just pure business. Casinos use high-tech cameras and surveillance systems which they place everywhere to catch cheaters and game riggers.  With billions of dollars at stake, casinos wage a war against casino cheaters 24/7.

Who ist the Winner in the Casino Wars?

Vast majority of the gamblers have come to casinos prepared to win or lose. But cheaters have a different approach and technique to make sure that they bring home tons of money. The National Geographic documentary also featured a former slot machine cheater to discuss his strategies and style which have proven to be successful for some time. He had reportedly won a total of $1M over the past 10 years just by using the ‘light wand device’. This device had actually made a his cheating attempts a success over and over again. To date, it is one of the most successful casino cheating device ever invented.

Casino Wars

National Geographic