crop circles, fieldIn this documentary filmmaker William Gazecki offers an inspiring and provocative view of the mysterious Crop Circles. Even though they have been here for many years and widespread across the country, nobody knows an answer to the questions where Crop Circles come from and what they are here for.

Scientists are fascinated by the patterns and how accurate they are but nobody can explain their origin. Some might say they are unmistakeable signs, but for what? Ufos from aliens maybe?

The documentary includes interviews with specialists & researchers and displays different views on the topic.

UFOTV Presents: Crop Circles Quest for Truth – Theatrical Feature Film



  1. Quest for the TRUTH??? It’s been known for many years where these ‘things’ come from, yet very few are interested in the truth. These flying pieces of pure evil have been deceiving mankind with their little tricks. They promised the kings of Egypt eternal life and knowledge of the gods. Pure lies. John 8-44 makes this very clear. Satan is the father of these lies and will try to deceive all of humanity. But of course very few wish to know this and instead enjoy the lie of beings from other planets ‘enlightening’ us all. The United States government did a comprehensive study of of U.F.O.s several years ago and concluded that they act just like ghosts==I.E. DEMONS. Don’t be taken in by this. The U.S.S.R. came to the very same conclusion. They want us dead.

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