titanic, fraud, insurance, olympicEven a century after the Titanic sank, people are still attracted to exibithions and stories about the famous ship. But is the ship at the bottom of the Atlantic really the Titanic? An old sailor of the Titanic, Paddy “the pig”, revealed shortly before his death that the Titanic was switched with its sistership, the Olymic. The Olympic was unusable and uninsurable after it was badly damaged in an accident. To get money from the insureance, the owners switched it with the Titanic and sank the Olympic instead. It was also said, that not the collision with the iceberg was the reason why the Titanic sank, but the explosion which was caused when the cold water got into the ship and reacted to a fire.

The Titanic Conspiracy

This documentary deals with this conspiracy theory and tries to reveal if the Titanic was really involved in one of the biggest insurance scamps of the history.

Did the Titanic Really Sink? Titanic Conspiracy: