Don't grow old. anti aging solutions

Don't grow old. anti aging solutionsThe BBC HORIZON documentary “Don’t grow old” shows scientists who are searching for an “elixir of youth” that should help us to manipulate and extend our lifespan. But is there really an anti-aging formula like “antioxidants“, that really works for all of us? Or is it just a question of right nutrition and a healthy lifestyle?

Don’t grow old

BBC HORIZON Documentary


  1. This is so amazing! I’m already on calorie reduction, but I’m struggling more with it because I’m hungry and we are all grown to learn that the only way to be healthy and stay slim and all, we should eat when hungry. But now that I know what I know, I don’t mind being hungry. Hunger is a bother, until you let it pass you. I get a bit nauseous and dizzy, but after a few minutes I’m fine, like I wasn’t hungry to begin with. I tend to even think clearer this way and feel more awake.

    This method takes away a lot of stress, depression, all proven to make you look older than you really are. But, through experience, I have more energy which doesn’t keep me from doing a bit of exercise throughout the day, which is said to also help with your appearance. All in all, this video proves to be very true.

    And in my own opinion, those people doesn’t do it the wrong way really, there is no wrong way. Because if you can do, but still stick to the low-calorie and healthy concept, there is no way of doing it wrong.

    On another note, the way they went about with the huge breakfast, smaller lunch and basically no dinner, is advised by my grandfather, whose over 60 years old, but looks to be in his 40 or 50’s, and to support that way of eating he could’ve looked younger if he didn’t drink so much alcohol. I think if he cut out alcohol, he’d look in his early 40’s.

    A big dinner means it takes longer to digest which means you can hold out longer without hunger until lunch (assuming you’re metabolism is normal; not hyper or slow).

    A smaller lunch can be good because it’s around that time for most people that they begin to rest, meaning less physical activity. They don’t need more food then, because they have in their bodies what is necessary.

    A REAL SMALL or no dinner is great because then basically NO PHYSICAL ACTIVITY is done, because you’re either in bed, sleeping, or just sitting or something.

    So, if you can push through hunger pains, you can do this.

    Great video, by the way.

  2. Fascinating at every turn! If I had the $25,000 per annum for TA 65, I’d go out right now to buy it! Calorie reduction, scary as it sounds, may be the path I end up taking. At 18 yrs. of age, I have time to decide.

  3. An OK video…But why on Earth would you want to live longer?
    We’re living in a world – dominated by greed, profit and power. No altruism or empathy. War, control, hate, fear and distrust fills our daily lives. If you think, that your cosy little world will persist, you need a serious reality check. The world won’t end with a small house – a small white fence and a nice little family…We’re on the brink of enslavement and destruction, folks. The middleclass are being phased out. Two classes will remain within 3-10 years: The ruling class and the worker class – and you want to live longer?
    WAKE UP!!!

  4. “Ingorance ia a bliss” you sound like a teenager who’s just getting into politics and lets it overtake and cloud your judgment – you honestly sound like a kid, and if you’re an adult and still write this shit, I feel KINDA sorry for you. It seems like you don’t even know how to enjoy life to be writing things like this. There’s a ton of things to “live for” I am content with whatever time I have on this earth and my life is only “beginning” so to speak, but I wouldn’t mind living a bit longer to enjoy a lot of the good things I have in this life. If you can’t deal with the ‘downs’ of life and feel this way, you are just a negative person in general. Rethink your shit man, cause your rant is just childish. Corruption and all the things you’ve listed have existed since the dawn of man, and will continue to exist. You think there will ever be a utopia where things are great? No. People learn to live in all of this.

  5. Human body must to be understand under lever where we could get answers about elixir of youth. If we can, than we would need technologies to make changes in human body.

  6. Our bodies benefit from the vitamins and minerals found in foods known to be rich in antioxidants such as oranges, dark chocolate and red wine. We’ve all been led to believe that if we eat these foods and other foods like them, we’ll receive tremendous antioxidant rewards. But you can’t necessarily eat your way to excellent health. Surprisingly, scientific studies show that your body can’t possibly ingest enough antioxidants to eliminate the number of free radicals your body makes every day. You would need to eat ridiculous amounts of foods rich in antioxidants (32 pounds of strawberries, 31 pounds of raspberries, 15 pounds of dark chocolate per day for example), to achieve the antioxidant power you get from one Protandim caplet each day. When you take Protandim, you trigger what your body already knows how to do, only better. You ‘tell’ your body to increase production of its own two antioxidant enzymes, which helps prevent free radical damage to your cells thousands of times more effectively than any conventional antioxidant therapy. Healthier cells mean a healthier immune system, and decreased chance of disease as you age.

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