fuel-filmDocumentary about Americas addiction to Oil. A shrinking economy, a failing car industry, rampant unemployment, an out-of-control national debt, and an insatiable demand for energy weigh heavily on all of us. The documentary “Fuel” shows us the way out of the mess we’re in by explaining how to replace every drop of oil we now use, while creating green jobs and keeping our money here at home. The film shows shocking information about corrupt politicians paid by Exxon-Mobile, a government that works for US Oil-Companies and the history of oil. For example – Did you knew that the engine created by Rudol Diesel originally ran on peanut butter oil? Or did you knew that they the original T-model from Ford ran on Bio-diesel, before they introduced prohibition to ban ethanol? Director Josh Tickell went on an 11 year long trip, to find out about what’s going on in the USA and how the addiction to oil could be reduced in legal and honest ways.

FUEL – It’s Time for an Intervention


  1. In 1982, I said, “To hell with it”. Called the dealer, called the tow truck and haven’t driven since. Miss my yearly visit to St. Andrew’s NB, nothing else. Avert your eyes,change the subject, anything but agree with me.
    When the world can forget the reasons THEY need to burn fuel, when they actually listen to efforts such as yours, redemption will be possible. Meanwhile, I’ll worry for my kids and every other youngster who will, sooner or later, inherit our garbage.

  2. The best ever saying from Mahatma Gandhi “When People Lead, The Leaders Follow”.
    This is the time for every single person on this planet to lead and make this world a better place to live in.

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