In 1162 a legend was born in Asia. Many might see him as incarnation of evil or a brutal warrior, nevertheless, his life is legendary. This documentary is about the life of Genghis Khan. His destiny was to conquer the whole world. He managed to rule the largest land empire ever known in history and after his death his sons doubled the size of the empire. However, in 1242 the Khan (his son) died and the Mongols, who were conquering Austria at the time, had to return home and select a new Khan. After that the empire started to fall apart.

The question how Genghis Khan transformed the mongolian people into successfull warriors is addressed. Moreover the secret history of the Mongols is showed by combining real historical figures and facts. His grave or remains were never found as everyone who witnessed his burial was killed. Until this day nobody knows where Genghis Khan is buried.

Genghis Khan



  1. This was good. We enjoyed it. However, the “Indian Hill Railways” was a really wonderful showing. We watched this one twice!

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