transportThirty years from now, scientists have predicted that oil reserves would have ran out. This means that cars won’t be of any use unless of course someone invents an automobile that uses an alternative source of energy. The population continues to increase in an exponential rate while science and its developments prolong the life of people. Soon enough, there will be problems regarding transportation unless significant developments are made to give cheap transport a future.

The documentary features Necar 4, a unique automobile developed by Chrysler, which is an electric car unlike what has been developed before. Until now, electric cars have been weighed down with heavy batteries and can only run in a limited speed. In addition, these electric cars are only suitable for short travels as they needed to be charged every now and then. Necar 4 is an electric car that runs using the most abundant form of energy on earth which is hydrogen. This means that as long as we have water, this type of car can be used. Iceland is one country that is currently in the process of adapting this technology. It’s the perfect cost-effective solution for a country that has abundant reserves of free-flowing water.

The Future of Transport

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