This documentary shows how Google works behind the scenes and describes the ultimate goals of Google. Primarily it is to collect ALL information available worldwide. At the moment this is mostly about websites, but e.g. with Google Books they are allready expanding to printed media – and with Google Video (and Youtube) they are also expanding to movies. More information sources are going to be included in Googles data-collection. Of course their slogan is “Don’t be evil“, but the question is what power does a company has, that knows about the “entire” information available worldwide?

Google. Behind the Scenes


  1. This was a great documentary. It was very interesting to get to hear the people at Google talk — it was kind of annoying having the “are google going to do evil things” theme going with the interviewer and that nutter over in the UK.

    This is a great view into the life and philosophy and some of the projects of Google. I love them even more now! They are quite possibly one of the only companies that I trust — I sure hope they can hang on to that trustworthiness.

  2. This was a wonderful piece of work.. Nobody among the regular users of Google have ever thought about the cons of the google era. People are so dependent on it that Google is seen as something next to god. This documentary really triggered the thinking about the possible side effects of a company ruling the internet ,as it is the major source of information of the past,present and future. As far as now google has been very gentle and professional in their work and contributions. I hope it continues the way it is now and google proves that the speculations made were wrong. Its a wonderful company and the most admirable one for the kind of innovations they make. They have made internet so user friendly. With the reputation they have among the billions of internet users , I dont think anyone even in their wildest dream would think of Google going the wrong way..

  3. I think Google is out of control in terms of data collection. While I appreciate Google’s search engine, etc., I also believe Google is a potential security threat and could grab information from your email accounts, hard-drive, and create serious problems with terrorist groups in terms of how mammoth they have become, the type and extent of data they collect, and the gaps in security that I (who am not particularly considered a computer engineer) can see. I also see google driving business to certain competitors while destroying other businesses. In other words, I see Google as this huge monopoly that is now teetering on a dangerous precipice, has crossed ALL lines of decency with respect to privacy and data gather, and view it a far more serious threat to personal freedoms than the NSA, CIA, FBI, Etc. rolled into one. I look forward to seeing what the German government uncovers in terms of the WIFI information Google has gathered and people’s private conversations. This is the type of technology that causes people in the world to fear agencies like the NSA, CIA, FBI, Etc. while Google has it, uses it, and abuses it. Which brings us to a very interesting crossroad and question: Should google take over the world or would competition and anti-monopoly laws rein them in so that they are more manageable. Also, should security and intelligence agencies monitor google internally? The answer is YES. No doubt about that. Think of AIG, BP, and all the rest of the companies that have grown out of control and have no concern for anything but money. I have NO DOUBT that lots of good people work at Google, AIG, BP, etc. That doesn’t mean they haven’t done grave harm.

    Relatively good documentary. I would have preferred more critical questions and more exposure of Google as a potential national security threat and a company whose desire for data is out of control. I would also like more information on the data (personal) Google stores on individuals who use their search. The young man in the UK raised valid points. He’s not a nutter.

  4. It’s fascinating that some people find annoying the fact that the interviewer kept asking the questions he was asking. There were good questions and most of the time the answers received really lacked substance and were in the style of “beating around the bush” rather than just trying to give a to-the-point answer.

    The documentary was really interesting nonetheless.

  5. Google is evil and is going to end bad far before the end of this world, too bad because it’s runners have all the chances to make it what it superficially appears to be, at first sight, so irreplaceable and nearly perfect, except for the fact that “free” cheese in the mouse trap isn’t always the best thing to go for, the end is always the same — you is fucked.

  6. Funny how the people at google never really answer to the questions posed to them. Don’t be evil is ridiculous as a motto. That is an incredibly low bar. how about -treat others how google wants to be treated? don’t be evil allows google to define evil. What company is evil? Every company on the planet would say they are doing “good”. i find it funny how google wants everyone to share information, however google’s information is a trade secret.

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