google videos We got notified currently by Google Video (, that Google will discontinue their video-hosting service. For a long time this service was the only one that allowed videos longer than 20 minutes to be uploaded. The possibility to upload new videos stopped some time ago, but now Google is also DELETING all existing videos on the platform. Unfortunately most of the documentaries embedded in come from Google Video.

On April 29, 2011, videos that have been uploaded to Google Video will no longer be available for playback (Official Google Statement)

Please take some time to help us keeping the documentaries available for free on this website.

Here is how you can help us:

One of my documentaries is on Google Video /

  1. Log into your Google-Video account and download your videos as FLV file. Otherwise it will be lost forever
  2. Upload it again to Youtube (‘max. 15 min/video) or Vimeo (1 HD Video up to 500mb/week free).
  3. Post the link to the new location of your documentary in the comment-field below.

I just want to help you keeping the documentaries online

  1. Look through our documentaries and search for alternative sources of the video to embed. You can still use as a meta-search engine for different video-platforms.
  2. Post the link of the alternative location of our Google-Video documentaries in the comment-field below




  1. When I found out about this I was outraged, then I decided to take up the task of doing exactly as you request for all the big free documentary sites that embed google videos, but instead I will be uploading to The Internet Archive at There is no time restriction duration for videos and files can be up to 2GB in size, and they don’t censor/delete films like youtube has been caught doing on many occasions. After the 29th, I will send you my database spreadsheet that has all the new embed codes and titles from each archive video so you can swap out the broken google code and keep your site going. There are a few other sites I am working on now, but you have definitely been added to my list. Keep up the great work, I’ll check back in a few days with an update…

  2. Thak you for letting us know about this outrageous decision being made by Google. Why on earth would they do something like this?

    To NwoInfoWarrior: Thank you so much for all the help you are providing. It is people like you (and this website)that keep these important documentaries alive. I am heartbroken by this news and have always wondered why Youtube quit allowing full-length downloads and then started censoring. This just sounds so suspicious to me and I wonder if the FTC or some other government branch is involved.


  3. Thank you very much NwoInfoWarrior! This helps me a lot. I didn’t knew that it is so easy to contribute videos to, but this is a great hint for all other documentary-producers out there. Hopefully they use it and send the links to their documentaries to me.

    Thank you very much. Keep on the good work!

  4. For my Dutch documentary website i also have this problem. Is it posible that you can send me that spreadsheet to NwoInfoWarrior?

    I really would appreciated it! If so you can send it to:
    admin @ (ofcourse without the spaces between the ‘@’)

  5. The Feds are trying to clamp down on video hosting, people are turning off conventional television for online, ad free sources instead,,

    sh*t! People might start thinking for themselves!!!!

  6. Seriously, even StageVu and VeeHD are on restricted uploads. Hmmm me thinks there is a change in wind direction.
    See you do not break any rules if you only watch it. To be prosecutable (in EU anyway) you need to make a copy of the file. Then you break the law.
    It will never stop, only change form – as they try to clamp down in one direction it changes into another.
    There is talk of a new P2P standard maybe being worked on, it works differently because each packet of information is contained on different IP addresses. There is NO way to trace the users activities, well not with current technology and again the wheel will turn and they will look into ways of clamping down on that!
    When will they learn, the business model they are working with will never work again. It has been undone by technology and they need to work to a different business model if they are going to survive in the new world. I think Darwin could have taught them something about life, adapt or die!

  7. It is easy to know why google is getting rid of storing videos: 1 – it was an experiment to see what videos are in the public domain. That was an exploration to see what viewers are watching. In this way, google, who is supported by the DOD (Department of Defense) can determine the content of videos that are hostile to NSA (National Security Administration) interests and challenge the authority of American Imperialism. In fact, I have DirecTV, now owned by Rupert Murdock and the Fox News Corporation.

    You can view YOUTUBE on DirecTV but if you try to view documentaries such as THE OBAMA DECEPTION or ENDGAME: BLUEPRINT FOR GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT or any of the ZEITGEIST documentaries on the YOUTUBE portal of DirecTV, you will not be able to view them because I believe that they have now been tagged as inflammatory and contrary to the interests of the media because of the truth told in these powerful documentaries that speak truth to power.

    2 – The public does not want you to think or analyze information but only wants you to be entertained. I ONLY watch documentaries on television and the internet because although biased, they speak a million times better than any episode of 60 minutes. Google got what it wanted from this experiment by getting free documentaries and now have been informed probably by the DOD to get rid of such docs. All of those docs above were downloaded by me from site. In fact, I designed lesson plans featuring the links in my emails directly to the documentaries such as THE MONEY MASTERS, and docs by Alex Jones.

    Now I will have to go through the entire library and download as much as possible in order to be able to store docs in the future on my own site.

  8. That’s a shame. Google must have something else on their mind that they may be coming out with. Google usually does what the masses want which is why they stay #1.

  9. Hi Joe Dunham,
    it’s right, there are some videos longer than 100 min. But unfortunately it is very hard to become a publisher that is allowed to upload videos in this length. So for most of us, it’s not possible to upload long documentaries.

  10. if you want to see & download videos, enter and type “free documentaries”, you will find a videos. download, share it, sent links to your friends..

  11. Freenet is a free/open source anonymous p2p program that can do webpages. It maybe useful to host videos on it, and there is the added benefit of not worrying about copyright issues or laws from various countries.

  12. Hello, Wow I never knew this whole world existed out in space untill I was trapped at home after 4 back operations and was so sick of the TV and started playing with my new comp and discovered tons of great documentries. I cant belive anyone would be allowed to censor anything here on the web never mind the fed gov sticking there nose where it does not belong. I really hope you comp guys can stay one step if not two ahead of any organization or person who tries to interfere with the freedom of speach “thing” we are gaurenteed. Thanks to all you comp guys who defend our rights.( I am a 50yo male who knows nothing about computers but loves all the great documentries)

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