George W. Bush is only the latest and most famous part of the Bush family. He, as well as his father could call themselves “President of the United States of America“. But their history goes far further back. The family has been big in the finance and oil business and always knew how to influence political systems so that they act in their favour. The bush family has a long tradition of telling the public one thing and acting differently in secret. They know how to manipulate people in order to make themselves more powerful – and they have a lot of power! More about the Bush family and their hidden secrets like their connections to islamic countries, the Bin Laden family are shown in this documentary film.

Bush Family Fortunes
By Greg Palas


  1. Holy Shit next thing you know Bush will have been responsible for World War 2. I would take GW over that idiot Obama any day.

  2. It has been evident since the 2000 election that crooked and corrupt ppl helped Bush steal the election. That said, if the Bushes were some how tied to the the terrorists of 911, why were they so keen on torture to find out who did it?

  3. Oh, my, my, my. Let’s hear it for the “Well to Do” Bush family!

    What a bunch of sleazebags these disgusting plastic “people”? are! I’ve always known that they were bottom of the sewer vermon, but this reconfirms everything we’ve all known or suspected for a long time.

    George W NEVER won Floridas’ vote, but dear brother Jeb made damn sure he’d get in.Thanks Jeb!(sarcasm)

    Anyone that defends these people are bought and paid for. Outside of that, just STUPID and maybe just as EVIL as they are! Small advice to their fan club, rexamine yourselves and redetermine if this is what you still admire!

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