inside-the-dark-webInternet used to bring free information to the people and blogs were the gateway for free speech and thoughts to overcome mass-media and their mainstream manipulation. But those who are in power feel threatened now by this freedom and start to fight back. Surveillance is now everywhere in the internet and because we carry around internet-devices like smartphones with us everywhere, also internet and it’s big brother follows. Also the “Internet of Things” is becoming a big deal. “Smart-Homes” where you can regulate your heating system, light, water, etc. from your smartphone are all part of it. Thanks to Edward Snowden we at least heard about this surveillance, but this didn’t stopped government with their barely constitutional methods.

Still there are parts of the internet, where intelligence agencies and the government have a hard time getting in. It’s called the “Dark Web“. A place for freedom seekers, hackers and criminals. A place where you can sell, buy or share everything and it’s very hard to find out the person behind it.

Inside the Dark Web – Documentary



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