twin towers attackSeptember 11 is supposed to be an ordinary busy Tuesday for people at the North and South buildings of the World Trade Center. At the completion of its construction, the twin towers of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan were the tallest buildings in the world. Before its destruction, the building was the workplace of the best investment firms, financial services and institutions. It’s clearly two of the best places to work as they rise above other buildings and have terrific views of the east coast.

At 8:46 am that Tuesday morning, an American Airlines commercial airplane bound to Los Angeles, California was hijacked and purposely crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. They were 87 civilians on board and all were killed at the impact. The horrible fact is that it was just the first of the four attacks planned by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. The second attack was targeted to the South Wing of the World Trade Center. The third and fourth were towards the Pentagon and White House respectively.

Discovery channel compiled survivor accounts, recordings and interviews to create a fitting documentary about the series of 9/11 attacks. Over 14,000 people witnessed the incident first hand and this documentary aims to tie all of these accounts.

Inside the Twin Towers: Accounts from 9/11 Survivors

Discovery Channel