The second war against Iraq (also known as “second gulf war”) started in March 2003. Over 5 years ago from now. According to Bush & Co. the war is to bring peace and democracy to Iraq and to fight terrorism, but this documentary brings up a conspiracy theory that questions the official reasons for this war. This documantary about the Iraq war might help to find the truth behind the lies we get offerd through government-controlled media.

Iraq Conspiracy


  1. The documentary touched one of the main reasons behind Iraq invasion (i.e. Oil and emergence of other economic poweres, EU, China)), the other reason was Israel security; the main orchesterating body encouraging the Iraq invasion was American Institude and its members, the neo-con politcal scholars who majority of its members are Israel lobbyist. The long term plan of neo-cons after the Iraq invasion, was to eliminate other Israel advesaries in Middle East (i.e.Iran & Syria) and control over Persian Gulf. Good or bad, the invasion helped to fully unmask the true face of U.S. foreign policy and its insatiable appetite for domination.

  2. WHat about the fact that the US can not stop fighting. If it’s troops returned to the US there would be no work for them. Can U imagine ? All those fucked up angry troops roaming the heartland. Wooooooo Eeeeee!

  3. well WIlliam and xpaper, I guess you both are joking but just in case: we are not the only, the smartest, the best living beings on the universe– then, why is it so silly that smarter beings might have seen us, even talked to us? how can the ALMIGHTY UNIVERSE be so small that only we exist?

    And about the troops, xpaper, you must be a troll, that’s the stupitest thing I’ve heard, and if you’re not trolling then I really hope with my best intentions that you are incapable of having children.

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