Is There Really A President’s Secret Book?

In January 2009, the chief justice administered the oath of office to US President Barrack Obama. Upon arriving at the White House, Obama discovers an envelope containing a personal message from the outgoing president. But when asked for the contents of the letter, President Obama declines to comment and say anything about it. Some people ask what could be the envelope’s content that seems to be so confidential that only another president can know about it.

In an era where nothing can be kept private, the US president is bound to know classified information that is important to every citizen of the country. Some people believe that there is a book containing the most important secrets, alliances, conspiracies and list of underground agencies that operate beyond the norm. This book is said to be passed down from one president to another that extends all the way back. Allegedly, the contents of this book are known to only 5 other persons. This documentary investigates the truth of these claims and whether or not there is really a president’s book containing the country’s secrets. And if there is, what could be in it.

The President’s Secret Book

History Channel