People in America have always been fighting from liberty. The American Revolution is just one of many wars people in this country had to fight for their freedom and independence.

Starting in the year 1763, where England is still ruling what’s going on in America to 1778 when the British gets crushed this documentary shows the dramatic events that happend douring the American Revolution and made the United States of America to the country it is now.

Liberty – The American Revolution


Liberty – The American Revolution, Part 1: The Reluctant Revolutionaries”
1763-1774. In 1763, the capitol city of America is London, George Washington is lobbying for a post in the British army, and no one thinks of Boston harbor when they hear talk of tea parties. In a dozen years, the colonies are on the brink of rebellion. What happens to bring this country so quickly near war with England?

Liberty – The American Revolution, Part 2: “Blows Must Decide”

1774-1776. A total break from Great Britain remains hard for Americans to imagine, even after shots are fired at Lexington and Concord. Words push matters “Over the Edge” in 1776. Common Sense argues that it is the natural right of men to govern themselves. The Declaration of Independence declares this same idea a “self-evident” truth. For Americans, there is no looking back. There will be war with England.

Liberty – The American Revolution, Part 3: The Times That Try Men’s Souls

1776-1777. Days after the Declaration of Independence is signed, a British force arrives in New York harbor. Washington and his troops are driven to New Jersey. With only a few days of enlistment left for many of his volunteers, a desperate Washington leads his army quietly across the Delaware River on the day after Christmas, 1776, to mount a surprise attack on a sleeping garrison in Trenton.

Liberty – The American Revolution, Part 4: Oh Fatal Ambition

1777-1778. The “united” states remain in dire need of funds and military support. Congress dispatches Benjamin Franklin to France in hopes of creating an alliance which will provide both. Meanwhile, a British army marches down the Hudson River trying to cut off New England from the other colonies. The British are crushed by Americans at Saratoga. The French enter the conflict on the American side.

Liberty – The American Revolution, Part 5: The World Turned Upside Down

1778-1783 The British hope to exploit the issue of slavery and to enlist the support of loyalists in the south. They fail. After a series of brutal engagements, the British army heads for Virginia, only to be trapped by the miraculous convergence of Washington’s army and the French fleet at Yorktown. The end of the war is at hand.

Liberty – The American Revolution, Part 6: Are We to be a Nation?

1783-1788 Peace comes to the United States, but governing the world’s newest republic is no simple task. Congress is ineffectual and individual states act like sovereign nations. By the time the Constitutional Convention convenes in 1787, many wonder if the country can survive. The long ratification process helps define what sort of nation the United States is to be—a process that continues to this day.


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    This is a great documentary but the final episode is not available, instead the third episode has been posted twice. Would someone be able to fix this.


  2. Hi! I can get up to episode 5, where is epispde 6? Or is 6 the last episode? I had a friend tell me there were 6. My class is watching this and really enjoying it, so I would like to be able to finish it.


  3. Hi Betty! Thank you for informing me, that there is a 6th part. I inserted it now into this posting. Hope you enjoy this page and recommend it further on.

  4. In the fist sentence of the documentary description: ‘People in America have always been fighting from liberty.’ should be: ‘People in America have always been fighting for liberty.’

    Thanks a lot. This has been very, very helpful for Modern History revision =D.

  5. Great doc, great story – but my question is: Why have such great work if one can only view (arguably) 1/3 the screen. I am sure you have your reasons – but stuff such as you post to present deserves the full screen treatment if only as testament to the creative parties involved (and logically your viewers),



  6. Thanks for the great documentary! It was a great refresher on American History and I also learned some things I didn’t know. I hope to find more documentaries like this.

  7. Thanks so much for posting this, documentary!

    i found it very informative and it wasn’t horribly biased and full of special effects rubbish like most american documentaries :D.

    one thing though, they play ‘over the hills and far away’ while showing shots of a continental army camp; this is a very british song!! it even includes the line ‘king george commands and we obey, over the hills and far away’.

    not exactly the kind of music those damn yankee rebels would be listening to!

    anyway thanks, great post! 🙂

  8. The end of part four is full of skips and deletions of small sections. It is impossible to understand the last 3 minutes.

  9. great series! What happened to part 6? It has been saying it is unavailable for about a week now, maybe longer.

  10. You sound like such a thoughtful guy Freddy Jisp. It’s too bad you’re such a stupid moron you don’t know how to use the full screen option on your video player. Go fuck yourself.

  11. This was such a fun documentary to be a part of! I remember filming with the crew in a battlefield of fighting British soldiers and Indians at a place called a rendezvous in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. I was a Field Production Assistant at the time. My boss was Smokey Forester… great guy. I was 21 when we shot this documentary “Liberty” back in 1995 for PBS. It was released 2 years later.

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