mission-accomplishedSeven months after the end of the war in Iraq was declaired by George W. Bush, the BBC journalist and filmmaker Sean Langan takes a brave and eventful trip through Iraq, seeking to shed light on the current situation. Armed with just a camera, he witnesses insurgent attacks first-hand, survives a mob frenzy, secures secret meetings with hooded “resistance fighters,” and obtains chilling footage of a suicide bomber’s preparations and attack on a bridge manned by US soldiers. The result is a stirring account of just how far we we from a true proclamation in Iraq of “Mission Accomplished” by the end of 2010, when this documentary was published. But even now after the withdrawal of american forces from Iraq ther is still no safety in the country. An interesting side-note is, that for the Iraqis American soldiers are Jewish invaders. They do not really difference between Israeli army and the military forces of the USA.

Mission Accomplished



  1. Dear Concerned Personnel of Free Documentaries,

    I have just viewed this documentary entitled: “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED IN IRAQ”. This FILM has enlightened me of the naked truth, as well as angered me and there is hatred deep inside my heart against the brutality and bestiality of men against his fellow men, Muslim or christian, of whatever religious persuasion or belief one has, and of civilians and men in uniform.

    Bloodshed only beget more bloodsheds. Modern arms of mass destruction has only caused more bloods in our soil. The ALMIGHTY GOD is watching us. When judgment day comes, all those who has dirtied their hands with the blood of their fellowmen who pay for their recorded evil deeds before the eyes of HIM, BEHOLD!

    The Media has played a big task in uncovering the dreaded truth of the despotic and brazen brutality of both the captured and the oppressed as well as the imperialist subjugators of an oil-rich land that is not theirs. As to who is the real devil here is for one to be at liberty to speak. The overwhelming evidence speaks for itself. Let the unspeakable truth, hidden before the eyes of the public at large, then be viewed so that the real truth is made known to all freedom loving people.

    I could have written more, just like what has transpired during the darkest days of the martial law regime of the Philippine dictator – Ferdinand E. Marcos, during the early days of martial law. The ruthless and power mad Marcos declared Martial Law not to save democracy and save society from alleged Maoist Communist Insurgency.

    In contrast, it was for the sole purpose of the dictator Marcos then, of perpetuating himself and his cronies to power and stifle all forms of dissent. I am reminded of that day when the nation was in an uneasy respite from its heavy toils when the ruthless and power mad Marcos declared his own brand of a Martial dictatorship throughout the land, rounding-up and throwing into a dungeon like cells his political opponents from the cross-section of the country.

    When the day broke, the Filipino people woke-up to find that their civil liberties was already gone. Saddam Hussein is a Dictator too, but this does not mean that after his ouster from his power grip, the U.S. Imperialist Forces of Bush will take-over as the next dictator.

    Iraq is for the Iraqis, and not for the brutal forces of the Americans, in the same manner that India is not is for the Indians, and for the brutal forces of the British Imperialist Forces. The Philippines is for the Filipinos and not for modern day foreign exploiters, who are in the guise of promoting progress and prosperity.

    When will we all learn from a mad man brute rule? History really itself until we learn the hard lesson that power really corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely from a one man rule or(by a foreign aggressor on a land that is not theirs. Bullshit, YOU INVADERS,GET OUT AND LEAVE US ALONE.

    As I end, I am reminded of what a former Philippine President in the 1950’s once said, and I quote: “I would rather prefer a government run like hell by the Filipinos, rather than a government run like heaven by the Americans.Till here, and in my next attack on the inhumanity of a foreign rule against the humanity. We all want to live in PEACE and PROSPERITY. Who wants War then? Only those who have the ARSENAL OF WARFARE.


  2. the usa gave iraqi muslims their freedom—-the iraqui muslims CHOSE to kill one another, cause of their own backward racism.


  3. p.s. the british royalty is nothing but hundreds of years of british thugs killing peasants.

    it’s certainly illegal for the bbc to report how the queen of england is a worthless millionaire, only good for the tourist crowd.

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