This BBC Documentary shows the development and history of moslems and islam in Europe over the last centuries. At the moment there is a difficult relationship betweeen christians, jews and muslims and over time there have been many battles between members of those different religions. But muslims also had a major impact on the technological development of Europe when they took their knowledge from the east and merged it with the knowledge from the west.

An Islamic History of Europe


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  1. What an extremely interesting programme. Shows what we can learn from history, or rather what we haven’t learnt from history. I was so impressed with the Islamic edict and how they were so willing to share what they knew and not destroy other cultures. Seems, today, the Muslums have learnt what the Christians were experts at.

  2. Beautiful documentary. The correct title is “AN ISLAMIC HISTORY OF EUROPE”. I think “Muslems and Islam in Europe throughout History” is a good description except for the misspelling of ‘Muslims’ – lol

  3. it is completly perfect and great documentry that reveals the true history of islam and what the muslims did for the history of all the world.really great.

  4. Very sad movie. Maybe think they lie we listen to lie. Moslem Sudan kill rape make slave africans. Moslem Yemen make slave still. If you not live with moslem you not talk like you know you not know.

  5. What the heck is up with the trend of spelling Muslims as “Moslems” or “Muslems”. That just shows how ignorant you are. So sad.

  6. Interesting point to me is that after muslims got Spain, after they capture fertaile land, their menality changed! Islam is noble and culture of men – its advantages of Islam. If muslim mentality in nowdays would work like in Spain hundreds years ago, than Western Civlization would become much richer.

  7. An interesting and instructive documentary, one that should be viewed by all. There’s no winner and there’s no loser, no good or bad, for without these precious contributions we wouldn’t have gained in knowledge and advanced as we’ve done. As a teacher, I try to expose my students to things that are part of civilization, incite them to travel and explore, teach them tolerance and appreciation. Spain is one country that has renewed with the past, and to witness this is wonderful.

  8. Want more like this, with incredible historical facts? Look for the one on The First Emperor of China. Wow!!!!!! And then there’s The Barbarians (about Europe)

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