motion capturePracticed since long ago, martial arts was initially used for self-defense. The combat style is associated with Eastern Asia and can integrate a variety of weapons like swords, blades and eskrima. There is science behind each of those moves. This documentary gives you a view of what happens inside the person’s body during combat.

Discovery channel discovered a biomechanical ground that analyses martial arts moves. Through this camera, experts can explain why and how do these moves affect the body. Animators, scientists, and martial artists visit this hitech dojo to study the physics behind the human body. To do that, martial artists are bound by tiny chips with electrical sensors to measure muscle activity. Digital scanning allows the body to be rendered in 3d as it moves in space. Every joint in the body is marked to generate a moving map of the body’s skeleton. As martial artists go through the movements, their action is recorded by 24 cameras which are sensitive to the reflective markers in the body. This technology is called motion capture and is now widely used in a lot of industries.

Motion Capture Technology in Xtreme Martial Arts

Discovery Channel