wwe-wrestlingJoin Adam Pacitti as he ventures into the unpredictable subculture of professional wrestling. With just one month to train, the crew follow Adam’s entire journey, meeting his family, who are less than impressed by Adam’s dream to become a WWE wrestler, as well as the wrestlers, who soon tell Adam just how difficult the world of professional wrestling is. He soon realises he is being thrown in the deep end; expected to compete against nine professional wrestlers in an over-the-top rope rumble match in front of a live crowd at Bournemouth’s Pavilion Theatre. Who said wrestling was fake?

Pinfall – A Professional Wrestling Documentary – WWE



Bonus 😉


WWE Top 10 takes you back to revisit the some Raw most thrilling, physical and controversial moments. Here are 10 creative Superstars who went to great lengths with their underhanded tactics to get ahead in the WWE Universe.


  1. Takes alot of intestinal fortitude to accomplish what you have. Many only dream about their dreams, you are living it. Don’t give up. AJ Hazard lives! God bless.

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