This speech of privacy expert Steven Rambam gives deep insight into the possibilities of privacy invasion through tools that are freely available on the internet. He gives examples of myspace, facebook, blogs, etc. and also shows how companies like Google or even Domino’s Pizza are using data-mining to get a profile of their customers. One of my favorite quotes is, when he talks about the possibilities that mobile phones offer for data collection:

The iPhone uses both, GPS and Skyhook – you can’t hide – the only way to hide from this is to take out the battery – oh, wait a second … you can’t take the battery out of an iPhone!” [1:12:35]

This documentary is quite long – around 3 hours – but if you care just a little bit about your privacy, it is worth every minute!

Steve Rambam Privacy is Dead – Get over it!


  1. I always knew it was easy to find out info about people but this documentary shows privacy really is dead !! Thanks Steve very educational and clearly explained documentary. Keep it going 🙂

  2. lol cant you all see, that this guy is a scammer trying to get you to sign up to peolple finder. Another typical American scam.

  3. Now this is irony….Directly underneath the documentarty Privacy is Dead Get over it, is this….

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  4. Amazing… None of this should surprise a cynical old coot like me, but it still does in a wow kind of way. It’s one thing to have a sense that “They’ve got our numbers.’, but it’s an eye opener just the same to have it spelled out like this. Amazing times we’re in and headed for. Awareness of these things should be part of a basic education to any planning to navegate the 21st century.

  5. @adz Didn’t you hear about the story of the woman that got sued by the insurance company over medical fees for depression because the company found Facebook pictures of her “being happy” – evidence that she is in fact happy and not depressed. The woman also stated that she had all her privacy settings checked to not let outsiders look at her pictures and said that the insurance company was invading her privacy, but no one could help her in the end.

  6. No Surprises there really.
    Wonder what the users of the Iphone think everytime they do something?
    And as a footnote, i now get emails relating to “conspiracy theories” after watching this video. How funny that i was logged into gmail as well

  7. ‘Facebook offers privacy protection’ you can protect your personal information towards other facebook users. But it’s all there any person inside facebook or inside an investigation has access to everything. Actually have you tried to cancel your facebook page? they keep all your information saved. Yes they are kind they think about you and they want to make your lfe easy. So as soon as you decided to be back you have all your friends there all the communities there. The point of the documentary is brilliant. Until when can we believe all this is safe? all this is just fun, are all the words being typed can be used against you? it’s a bit paranoid. It’s factual privacy is dead. Thank you Steve it was very thoughtful to hear you.

  8. im unable to see the 2 videos they are unloaded and im very interested in hearing thise speech, if theres anything anyone can do to assist me in viewing this than please contact me

  9. Wow, what an amazing lecture. Someone should give this guy a TV show. Rambam is a PI and boss of the Pallorium agency, so I can only imagine what he DIDN’T include in his talk.

  10. Awesome. This stuff is scary man. I don’t like it. He had some really funny parts in his presentations.

  11. Most of my friends tell stories and the photos we share are nothing to get excited over. We know there are people out there who have to live in hiding, and we tell tales for them imagin rockefellar or rothschild total Criminals they get around un noticed because they own the mainstream media so they go unnoticed in public they meet secretly with our leaders and foreighn Governments which is treason and against the supreme law of our land the constitution as it breeds and forms terrorism while they claim it’s trade deals Bilderberg is why our export is trash and our import is toxic chinese junk aimed to poison the lower class who shop at the marts superstores just like processed foods are targeted at those who they beleive are lazy.They travel with bodyguards because people hate them for their sicken minded ideas, and the life they think is so worth protecting is confused with the money they hoard in order to to keep third world nations starving . Sorry this is not living it’s scrimping get a life boy’s. Guess whos really online now? How many people really live in the house next door? Why is the other guy always home at 26 yrs of age hows he pay the mortgage? I look at freakshows i’m curious but the new Horror is the same old whore the mother of all harlotts the killer during and after the dark ages still hiding behind a shield hmmm I wonder why?

  12. This guy and his Video show whats possible but ditch your pc camera or turn it around unplug that mic. The web is a tool they allow us to own pc because it is easily hacked and they want id theft out of control to pitch a new sale on an item not so popular it;s the tool they want us to beleive will end crime the one that can do away with money and usher in a cashless society it’s that damn chip again. If you hate the thought of spying you will hate that chip you see all the cell phone towers or odd looking antenaes in the fields fenced in with small concrete covers beside them thats all in place not only for phone traffic but it will tell where you are and have been if you have the chip. The bar code is similar it is computer words read by computers see some are thin some thick example i or n or w see the thickness or difference in the letters they go in columns or stacked a computer needs no spaces and can read awsome speeds in this manor. Some computers can display perfect bar codes if you roll mouse wheel soon as a page loads you get a large barcode especially old ibm machines if you link two together and play around with the keys you may suprise yourself with what you can learn to it offline though to avoid unwanted visits from the mobb or criminal elite who are really in charge.

  13. Ok, you are not saying you are better than the FBI right?, just that the FBI was wrong to pick you up? What exactly did they say you did wrong? If you are so good, why not find one or two of the FBI’s top ten most wanted? Finally, all this “information gathering” is beginning to sound so banal. Serving papers is not exactly to be equated with spotting Bernie Medoff or the Craig List killer.

  14. My name is John ironic. However, the young generation is willingly giving all information, I know from my first posts in facebook, I even put my dorm name and room number. I didn’t care, initially hoping I would get some curious girl–yeah happened once. Forget Big Brother, there is no need for a fear of surveillance, Facebook has made us the exhibitionist generation.

  15. @mark & @adz

    Privacy settings in FB don’t really mean much at all. Look at it this way: you get a web page where you can communicate with others and display pictures and video. And you think you’re getting this for free? When you agree to the terms and conditions of Facebook you are essentially allowing them carte blanche to your information! Most people don’t read the fine print thoroughly but you are saying “yes, do whatever you want so I can get this “free” stuff.” How do I know this? Well, if you are a business that needs to check out people before hiring (like recruiters or government) then you’re aware that facebook sells services that allows you to investigate whomever you like despite how they think what their privacy settings mean. And by clicking “I Agree” on the Facebook terms and conditions, you have essentially allowed this!

    Privacy is Dead – Get over it!

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