vladimir putinThis documentary gives a deep insight into Russian Politics and how power got transferred from the oligarchs to Vladimir Putins since the 1990s. Boris Abramowitsch Beresowski used to be one of the richest people in Russia – an Oligarch – and was called “Kingmaker” because he was known of bringing his friends into the highest positions of the country. But after Boris Jelzin had to resign he made a big mistake. Beresowsky and the other oligars choosed ex-KGB director Vladimir Putin as Jelzins successor in the Kremlin. Now most of the oligarchs ar either dead, in prison or living in exile. Some of them – like Beresowski – are trying to run their own campaigns against Putin to reform Russia once again, so that they can go back to their home Country. The documentary also shows insights about the trial against Russia’s formerly richest man and Yukos oil-baron Mikhail Khodorkovsky who got famous for his picture behind prison bars. The last part shows how Putin managed to win the fight against hes only real opponent for the presidential elections –¬† the Major of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov.

Russian Godfathers

BBC Documentary (Playlist: Part 1: The Fugitive, Part 2: The Prisoner, Part 3: The Pilitician)

“Russian politics is Russian Roulette!”

 Boris Beresowsky