silicone love dollsWhy would someone chose to have a silicone love-doll instead of a real women? The reasons are various. Some people had accidents or are handicaped, some just don’t feel comfortable around real women or think that they can not find one. So they buy themselves those very expensive (up to 8.000 USD) silicone love-dolls that feel just like real women. Those men even start caring about them and building up a relationsship. This documentary film shows on the example of some men how silicone love dolls – or as some says “real dolls” have changed their lives. And it’s not always about sexuality – a big part of it is psychological.

Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 1

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 2

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 3

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 4

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 5



  1. Well overused it’s not just the average nice person (man or woman) that gets used by narcissist. They also do it to each other. Generally men are more focused on good looking women without much compromise while women might want an attractive man but they are more flexible if the guy has power and money.

    Then there is of course the so called cougars you know those older narcissistic women that go for younger men. Unless there a particular standout it doesn’t last long as they have a used by date.

    Unfortunately for them it’s just part of the bucket list for a young guy to conquer the older woman who usually gets dumped.

    Then there’s the older man. Does anyone really believe Donald Trump would have his glamorous partner beside him if he was a cab driver or in reverse would he be with her if she looked like Susan Boyle?

    Of course not!

    What amazes me is how many powerful and wealthy men with big egos kid themselves in believing that these gold digging playboy lookalikes really love them and not their money. I have seen it time and time again when high flyers go bad. When the money goes so do the women.

    These superficial relationships wealthy guys have can only work if the men involved think with their heads and not just their penises. They need to put their egos aside and understand that it’s the love of money plus the power that comes with it that lures these women and not them.

    That’s the only love involved so these men need to become good negotiators that realise and make these women realise it’s nothing more than a fair trade agreement.
    Hugh Hefner knows how it works. “I want your cute body for sex and you want money”. “So you give me sex and I give you money” Quite simple really.

    So long as no one’s deluding themselves and it’s a clearly understood agreement that satisfies both parties I see no problem with it. In fact if I was a billionaire I’d probably consider it myself.

    It so happens I’m not a billionaire and I’m no longer young. Sex is less and less on my mind and I don’t have a need to prove I’m a sexual athlete so my advocacy of the silicon doll does not come from some bitter deprivation.

    These dolls are a real common sense way of solving many problems in marriages and relationships along with a myriad of other social issues such as loneliness, depression, disease and rape.
    The general population just don’t realise it yet.

  2. it’s not looked at strangely at all that women have dildos, in fact its completely acceptable. when it comes to me… women are only interested in two things from a man, his money and his cock, not the man. men on the other hand are interested in the woman all of her, so instead of a dildo there’s the doll. makes perfect sense to me. if a woman is lonely or horny, i don’t think women get lonley, but when she become horny she use her dildo, when a guy becomes lonely or horny he uses his doll.

  3. Theres nothing wrong with that at all, they are not hurting anyone, but the only thing im concerned about, is the social aspect for these men, i understand where their coming from, rejection is terrible for any gender, and to all those out there that say women use sex toys as much, if not more than men,yes that is absolutely true, but i however dont take my vibrator on a date or out to a movie with me, but its name is charlie though,, lol..

  4. Lol women wont admit it but there afraid there becoming obsolete, if a man that uses a sex toy is a pig/creep/pervert/loser than u must say the same for all women who do the same and that makes a giant number of ppl these things, granted the men who start fyll on relationships with a piece of plastic dont quite have it right, but tbh women r jus mad that there losing that grip of control they have over men, n any women that says otherwise is either a respectful woman a liar or both

  5. What springs to mind when I look at these dolls is ok they have got a handle on the angelic ideal of a woman and have manufactured them into the dolls but realistically they are still going to be lacking in something,that certain X factor,but then I got to thinking about things like pong the first video game I saw and comparing it with the games they have now and thought wow if this is the first wave of android companions what will be available in 10 – 15 years after a bit of research and development? Downloadable personalities and random fetish packs synthetic sweat and body secretions simulated breath and heartbeat all with no risk of manipulation STD and bank account rape……

  6. I’m a guy and I have a wife that gives me a ton of pleasure in bed all the time, and she never pulls that “I’m not in the mood” crap, which is just a way that weak women use to assert their sexual superiority. I’m a sexual psychologist (for the last 15 years) and what these guys are doing is actually normal. They need relationships so they build them in their minds, they need sex so they buy a sex doll and force the need of a relationship on it to, so as to satisfy their needs. They definitely need psychological therapy, but so does every single person on this planet because we ALL have issues where life is not all perfect all the time.

    Judging these men is ridiculous, it is the same as a guy that uses a fleshlight or other male toys, however these men are seeking something deeper–love and companionship. What could possibly be the problem with that? Yes it’s inanimate, but it’s simply a form of projecting those NEEDED human emotions. Meaning NO HUMAN CAN BE WITHOUT IT. This is a last desperate plea to find it. Albeit an unhealthy method, it still gets the job done in their own eyes and they can become happier people because of it. By becoming happier they can possibly come to terms with this need. In therapy sessions it is common practice to have normal healthy people talk to empty chairs and talk to themselves to work out the problems, this is not much different.

    Women have dildos to satisfy their sexual needs, which is actually the exact same equivelent as a man using the doll for sex. To obtain pleasure in the majority (not all) of men they MUST HAVE visual stimulation. Yes, pornography helps with this a great deal, but masturbation with a hand can never obtain the optimum pleasure in a man as the movements of sex stimulate his brain and the motor functions of the act help prepare him for actual sexual experiences. A women can use a dildo and can obtain the same equivelent orgasm without the visual stimulation, which means a sexdoll would be useless to a woman as she can satisfy herself without much motion at all.

    Women need to realize the way men are stimulated to understand why anyone would advocate for such a thing as a sexdoll. To sum it up, men need visual+motor+genital stimulation, women need emotional+genital+very little or no motor stimulation to reach orgasm.

    As a society we are incredibly selfish and don’t realize that caring for your partner’s sexual desire is not something to be taken as lightly as we do. There is no “I’m not in the mood” in a healthy mature sexual relationship. When your partner wants to have sex, stimulate them, or they will feel neglected and rejected. I’m not in the mood when my wife wants to have sex alot of the time because I work hard and late alot, but I never tell her “I’m sorry but not now”, you make the time for each other because sex is a need and you are in that relationship to take care of this primal need. Likewise, sometimes my wife is not in the mood and she still makes the time to take care of my NEEDS.

    Notice the word NEED, you need to vent your sexuality with one another when you feel like it, but ALSO when THEY feel like it. 80-90% of all relationships can be fixed by knowing and respecting the sexuality and needs of your partner and if you do this and that for them whenever they need it you will obtain the emotional/sexual/companion needs that all of us MUST HAVE for optimal happiness. Never EVER reject them, it’s your duty as their sexual partner to fulfill those needs and if your married it’s your duty to fulfill them for the rest of your life, that was part of the deal you made when you got married.

    You know why there are so many unhappy relationships, it’s simple, sexual starvation from their partner. Women especially lose interest because they don’t have the need all the time like men do, but it’s not about you, it’s about your partner. I repeat SEX is about your PARTNER, NOT YOU. When you reach this level of sexual understanding you can have a whole lot of fun and the newlywed syndrome never has to fade. Make it special for them every day and work hard at it. Sex is VERY IMPORTANT to everyone, it’s a huge part of a relationship and one of the key components to happily ever after vs. OMG where did it go wrong!!!

    We’re in our early 40’s and we have sex every day and we aren’t about to stop because we make it about the other person. For her, I like to do steamy romantic things because getting a women in the mood is fun for her and like I said, emotion is one of the key things that will make her go wild. I have to think up new stuff to do each week, but it’s kind of a fun perverted hobby to try to surprise her with new settings/positions to try out. She also has some softer bondage fetishes that I do for her even though I can’t stand bondage for the most part, but I love her so I do it anyways. For me she does stuff in the morning. I have kind of a costume fetish so she wears new stuff to surprise me when I wake up (nurses outfits, maid outfits, sexy lingerie, etc) and a foot fetish, so she paints her nails differently and stuff and wears different toe rings etc, which is hot.

    Anyways, the point is that the flame of sexuality never has to go out, and alot of males and females in this day and age are so sexually frustrated with one another because one or both of them are not satisfying or even attempting to satisfy the person they claim to love, to the point that they are clawing at each others throats. This generation needs sexual enlightenment. Do not ever hold sexuality from your partner as punishment or shut yourself off, this is a power move that will 100% of the time, lead to distrust, fights, repressed hostility, and dissatisfaction with the relationship. You WILL divorce or breakup the moment you try to pull this crap with one another. It’s fire, you will get burned, I guarantee it. MAKE TIME for one another and expect to have sex whenever you meet each other, so that if your partner is in the mood you’re ready to satisfy him/her when they need you. If your busy and can’t, then work out times and STICK TO THOSE TIMES to have sex.

    I will warn you though, scheduling sex makes it feel like a duty and it probably will be “sub-par-thursday-night I’m-too-tired-for-sex-but-lets-get-it-over-with” sex. Try out some spontaneity, trust me, your efforts will always be worth it in the end. Just the fact that you are trying is what makes the difference! It’s hot when others think of your needs. Everyone feels this way.

    If I were counseling these men, I would not tell them to give up their dolls, but I would teach them how human contact is so much more rewarding and while they can get their immediate sexual desires out of the way by using the doll, true companionship in a women should be their ultimate goal. I would help them address their “nobody loves me or could love me” thought processes by giving them socializing tasks to build their confidence. If it was a fear of intimacy or something similar I would possibly recommend them to a sex surrogate, but I, like most therapists, am very careful who I would send to a sex surrogate. Mostly because there aren’t a whole lot of sex surrogates out there to begin with and I would have to be sure it was a psychological problem. And just so you know sex surrogates are not prostitutes, they are trained in therapy to alleviate sexual dysfunctions that are generally psychological in nature, such as some forms of erectile dysfunction.

  7. Sorry Jim but I find sexual psychologist or therapist like art critics that often find themselves diametrically opposed. I’m not either one but I’ve always been a keen observer of people and why they do what they do.

    In any genuine relationship sex is not going to be the “be all and end all”. When people are young and the hormones are raging it might seem so. Genuine loving relationships will hold together no matter what. What if one or the other is physically crippled and unable?

    You say you and your wife are in your early forties. I’m in my later sixties and in my forties and through my fifties I couldn’t get enough sex. Then about three years ago starting at about 64 I stopped caring or thinking too much whether I have sex or not. My partner of the last ten years is nearly fourteen years younger than myself and even looks a lot younger for her age and yet I’m sorry to say physically she doesn’t do it for me anymore. It’s not her fault that my own libido has eased off. I must say though if I found a twenty or thirty year old playboy glamour somehow miraculously laying in my bed and wanting my aging body I’m sure I could manage something.

    I have some golf mates saying they had libido issues in their mid fifties. I’m not going to bash myself over the head about it thinking that I’m some sort of failure and nor should anyone else. It’s just as much a part of getting older as people losing their hair. This happens with both men and women so I wouldn’t simply assume it’s not going to happen to you. Now my partner and I are still together. Why? Well let’s not put the main emphasis on the word “LOVE” even. We just genuinely “LIKE” each other and being in each other’s company. That’s the real key for sticking together. Sex doesn’t have to have anything to do with it.

    I’m not suggesting that a lack of sex can’t be an issue in a marriage or relationship and that’s why sex aids and particularly the silicone doll could really play a huge part as a substitute when one or the other person does not feel like sex.

    I don’t know or have any sort of statistics on how many and how often people over seventy still bother having sexual intercourse and if the majority don’t it doesn’t surprise me.
    I think I’ve said on another post here that most of the times people are engaged in sex their not making love, their having sex. In this modern promiscuous society of one night stands, gang bangs and increasing STD’s many people don’t take the time to know if they either like or love each other.

    The feminist movement gave young women the idea that it was cool to lose their virginity as if it was symbolic of their new freedom. Well with this also came some narcissism and many men felt insecure while other more confident ones rubbed their hands together with the prospect of plenty of easy sex. At the same time marriages were threatened and divorces were on the rise.

    With social media and various other influences these days it’s party, party and women have usually had many sexual relationships before they want to get married or have a family.

    With human nature being what it is with jealousy and insecurity it doesn’t surprise me why past history wouldn’t come up to threaten it. Who knows but retaining virginity for marriage might become the new cool as I believe many men think women have devalued themselves and with the silicon doll another less painful alternative could be a better choice.

  8. Listen. If you read everyone of these post, you will realize that men and women fight because some women do not agree to this product. I can honestly say as a male that women do not use toys more than men nor do men use toys more than women. Me and my wife have toys and we share them on regular basis. It is a technique to spice up or sex life. This doll is what is considered a HALL PASS for me when i fell like i have an erge to cheat. As does my wife with the male form. Life like dolls are helpful.

  9. First of all, I haven’t watched the videos. However I am considering the purchase of a real doll. I don’t want to pretend I’m in a relationship with IT, but I have sexual needs that aren’t being met. I’m not antisocial and don’t hate women. I also don’t hate children as some suggest we must. In fact I am a single father. I have been married and been in many relationships. They all turn out the same. Once the woman feels confident she has landed me, the sex stops and becomes a tool for her to get what she wants. In my last relationship which lasted about 7 months, my gf who works full time moved in with me and expected me to support her financially 100%. She paid nothing. I would be fine with that if my needs were met but the sex went from 4 times a week, to 3, then 2, then once a month. I was being rejected 99% of the time, and she initiated sex twice in 7 months. It was demoralizing. She was using me for financial support and for a baby. I always did what she wanted and eventually felt like a slave in my own home. So did my daughter. I always bought her flowers and brought her gifts to work. She would proclaim me as the sweetest bf ever, but wouldn’t ever show me any affection. She hated kissing, touching, cuddling, or anything that resembled affection. She did see fit to cheat though and flirt with ex’s on Facebook, texting and th phone. I gave up. And being a single father, I have put a lot of effort into not bringing tons of women into my daughters life, unless I thought they would stay. Now I have no faith that they will and I have no desire to bring another slave driving, manipulative woman into my daughters life. With a real doll, I wont fulfill my need for love and companionship from a woman, but I can fulfill my sexual needs which is more than I can say for ANY woman I have ever dated. I can’t claim 400 partners like the liar above, but I have had around 35 partners. Maybe 6 of those were long term. They all turned out the same with the woman withholding sex for one reason or another.

  10. I think women here are just plain stupid, why? Because they make it seem like these lonely people can’t love at all even if the love of their life isn’t human! Japan has plenty of these love-dolls and it doesn’t bother anyone. I would think in this society something has changed but it hasn’t and just because someone thinks differently or isn’t normal you put them on the spot and tell them they should go get mental help. I think you people who disagree need mental help!

  11. I think it is good idea someone invented this.Now I can use my invention to make it move and talk like a real person.People who complain are wasting my time,They speak non-sence.Once I complete my invention the love dolls will cost a bit more money than what they are priced now.Then people who buy one will have it moving and talking(with choices of voices).Which makes people more happier.HOW ABOUT COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS.BECAUSE THAT IS ALL I SEE ON THESE COMMENTS-Bushidou

  12. I see that most of the negative comments come from women. Instead of learning compassion,they put down the guys who can’t, or just don’t, have live women in their lives. That women are so disrespectful of these men, just shows why dolls are preferable to women. Many women are jealous of the dolls. That’s just the way live women are put together, and one more reason plastic women are preferable. I feel for these guys and in fact relate to them very strongly. Its not that these are bad guys,or perverts, its that so many women are insensitive bitches. I’m in my 50’s and no young pretty woman will ever be interested in me again. And I’m not interested sexually in the old broken down leftover women my age (not to mention not willing to endure the baggage they bring with them). I don’t see me having sex with a doll, but it would certainly be preferable to the alternatives offered me. If I can afford it one day, I will have a living room full of these dolls to watch movies with, and I won’t have to listen to them bitch about the movie I rented. Bravo guys!

  13. honestly, a plastic doll is far superior to most women in north american society. It’s a fact and we all know it. Plastic dolls are generally cleaner, better groomed, don’t carry STDs and aren’t psychotic in the manner of dear old Kristen at the top of this thread. Honestly, who wishes oblivion upon a few eccentric people simply because they prefer plastic dolls? That, to me, is truly sick. Women like kristen are the sick ones: a guy doesn’t look like simon baker and doesn’t have a billion dollars in the bank and he evidently doesn’t deserve to live or to have intimacy of any sort; women like that are the ones who should be exterminated. I don’t fancy plastic dolls myself, but i am not about to hate on people who find intimacy that way; believe me, having dealt with fat, smelly, self-absorbed and anti-social american women, I can plainly see why men might choose a bit of plastic.

  14. It’s a race: will the jewesses and white women exterminate and render disposable men first – or will men beat them to the punch? It’s a gender war, guys, and you and your sons are the targets.

  15. I feel very conflicted about this…… Some of the men on here I understand like Davecate….. He’s
    sad and lonely he just wants someone….. Mike though seems just kinda sex crazy and a doll whore… Even though I
    think his mental state of mind is healthier due to the fact he still looks for women…. I guess I’m just a
    firm believe that’s there’s someone out there for everyone…Are relationships hard and the heartack is terrible,
    but when u seem to find the person that gives u more good then bad and makes u feel complete then all the
    hardship seems easier..I don’t agree with it but I can see y pple do it….I hope u find the right person one day that loves ya
    no matter what and wont need ur dolls anymore. Good luck

  16. Lol Kevin..way up there…you don’t want any drama… won’t be getting any of that with her…

  17. Oh yeah David…we’re jealous of men putting it in a plastic doll…haha! Maybe we don’t want it…’s nobodies business what someone does and if they have a doll or not. As far as calling women whores, std carriers ( men get treated less for stds than women) …I can only say that all your problems with women may have to do with treating them as cheap whores. That’s the problem with our society…women are treated as commodities…from advertisement to dating…women are treated very badly in our society. If women are treated as a commodity…what better American commodity than a plastic one…fits the plasticity of our society.. White .men invented this society we live in..not women..

  18. Actually I know more and more men going in the doll direction and actually I am in my mid 30’s and chose to do so myself after dating since I was 18. The reasoning I see behind this is because of the feminist society men live in today.
    Simply because of this and the twisted laws in women’s favor against men, dolls give men less chance falling into a trap they may not be able to get out of.
    Each year do to feminist media and ideology a new dating bar is set in what a woman wants in a man.
    One of the more popular ones now is “height” many women will not date men that are not 6 foot and above.Just by setting that guide line alone “deletes” a lot of men in society to be dated.
    Another popular one is penis size and men being judged in that category to along with how much a man makes or what kind of car he drives or even right down to the types of shoes he wears.
    The men who do not fit this criteria end up just to be atm machines for a woman that will actually date him if he has the $ until it runs out and then she runs out taking what is left.
    Living in a society like this where women constantly say “I don”t need a man” I can see why more and more men as men will find a substitute that will not react like this to him whether it is a doll or one day even an android and men will start saying I don’t need a woman either.
    Some may say eww that is sick but hey I do not hear anyone pooh poohing same sex relationships? I also don’t hear that it is not ok for women to be with 100’s of men by the time they are 40 with possible diseases? and I surely do not hear anything bad about women using dildos the size of horse pricks.
    So in that I got myself a doll and found it to be actually quite nice to not have to worry about being left for a better pair of socks on wash day or to be yelled at for simply asking a question.
    The best thing is I will never have to worry about being raped in divorce court and I have much money to pursue my hobbies with.She does not whine about her wanting a new suv because her girlfriend has one and she surely does not hold sex over your head if I have a difference in opinion.
    I surely see more pros then cons in all of this..

  19. (This is to Michele:I can only say that all your problems with women may have to do with treating them as cheap whores. That’s the problem with our society…women are treated as commodities…from advertisement to dating…women are treated very badly in our society. If women are treated as a commodity…what better American commodity than a plastic one…fits the plasticity of our society.. White .men invented this society we live in..not women..)

    Today is your lucky day because you ran into a guy that deals with feminists such as yourself along with your twisted ways of thinking.
    For one women are not by far treated badly in advertisement actually it is the other way around.
    As far as treating women like cheap whores you are what you have made yourselves out to be since the time feminism began. The one thing you are right about is the commodity issue. The only commodity women have is between her legs simply because no man really would be with you otherwise, because of the beast you have turned into.
    No men did not create this you and your feminist sisters created this new era.
    If you would like more information on this subject I would be happy to give you historical accurate data along with links about women’s voting,women’s oppression (which never happened),and proof that you the women created this wonderful society we live in now.I will also be happy to give you information on who the true oppressor is and who are the ones being oppressed.
    I mind you any information I give to others is taken from historical fact not the dribble or lies taught in universities country wide.
    I wish feminists would stop getting on sites where men actually still have some sort of means to actually talk amongst each other and speak some truth.Thank you.

  20. hey there, well i originally saw the life like doll on tv a while back and my gf and i were thinking that it would be an interesting gag item in my guys room out back purely for a little lough and decoration next to the pool table and so on.

    in saying that there are many more uses for these dolls other than for sex and the perfect example is what i intend to use it for and in regards to other comments on this page, are women moody a pain in the butt and sometimes annoying i would have to say yes but that is just at a male perspective. now my gf also thinks that men are the same (moody, pain in the butt and annoying) which leads me to conclude that relationships require allot of work from both sides that includes a level of understanding and a level of appreciation for one another, so in other words a man who does own a doll shouldnt be judged by the mere fact that he owns the doll or has sex with it but rather the amount of effort and time he is willing to spend in building a relationship with a women that is also willing to put the time and effort.

    also men shouldn’t judge women either weither its how many men they have slept with or if they have their own toy that they use to pleasure themselves sexually, but rather on the qualities they possess or could potentially posses if given the right chance.

  21. I mean everybody is talking about the dolls and are troubeld about them, but did you actually see the guns that guy plays around with?????? That fucking cheap AK or whatever it was, not even mentioning the other guns, trouble me far more, than that device he uses to stimulate his balls.

  22. Hi all first of all I haven’t read all the comments of this passionning debate, so I apologize in advance if I say things that have already been said. I also apologize for my english, as it is not my usual tongue. What I understood about people feelings is that roughly, it’s okey to own a sex doll (although very expensive), and because women use more sex toys, they shouldn’t be critisizing the men that do so. Some men are ugly and can’t even imagine getting once layed by something else than a “warpig”. So you can’t just say, hey you’re ugly so you must stick with an ugly girl.. it’s like saying hey you’re a cashier, don’t dream about Ferrari’s..

    That’s for the basis. Now let’s have a look about how one would really feels about it.. creepy ? that’s it.. indeed a love doll isn’t just like any ordinary sex toy.. it’s complete.. it’s a substitute for human being..

    As some wise guy said, tomorrow, theses dolls will eb able to speak and move, just like any flesh-made girl.. what a fantasy ! no wonder girls would get mad about that, because traditionnal society model is so, women have the power of sex upon man, and man have the power of money upon women. Of course, we all agree that in modern urban environnement, this model is slightly but surely getting changed.. but rarely am I invited by a women to a restaurant, I always invite (well it’s France) and never a women ask me directly for sex (not often). In northern countries, women have the reputation to be more active.. but well.. Should men be frightened about male love dolls ? I gues I would feel slightly annoyed if that girl said she prefered her Andy-bot is better than me, has better jokes, a bigger c*** and doesn’t look at other girls.. but I would more likely think she’s stupid and unable to build a relationship.. but if it’s the only way for that 300 lbs old warpiggy to get laid by a bodybuilt handsome doll.. then it’s okey, she’s has the right..

    So theses arguments are to say that love doll ain’t no substitute yet for human being, but allows some type of people (old, ugly, lonely..) to get something they would never have even with the best efforts. Is it really endangering man/women relationships ? I don’t think so..

    Wages in urban and cultivated society are gradually getting equilibrated between man and women. So man are loosing their money-power upon women (and women haven’t got the habit of inviting men to the restaurant, nor the men would accept to get invited yet am I right ?) but women still have their sex-power on man. So theses love dolls might come right at the point to give the boys some fresh air. Okey girls you don’t need us any more, we shall hook on our Deborah-bot insted..

    Now for the weird side.. Bot’s in the future won’t just be sex-bot’s but will start to do some other things. In fact, the human-machin evolutions will bring in some deep changes in our minds. New mental deseases will appear, some people not knowing the difference between human and bot. Researchers have shown that the more human like a bot looks the more sympathetic it is perceived.. untill a certain point, were if the human like bot is too much realistic, it induces a frightening feeling.. so it’s not just a matter of sex, although sex is very important in our primary feelings.

    Second point which might be quite a big problem is the children-like dolls. Any old fart with enough money can buy a japanese 13 yo looking doll with genital organs (you just have to choose building options like no tits, small size, innocent look, etc..).. now if you change this in a more real-looking robot, speaking and moving.. wouldn’t it be very disturbing.. what if that old fart made a porn movie with that dooll, would it be legal, how could you make the difference with a real flesh-made child.. this might be a big problem in the future if it isn’t already.

    Nevertheless.. I hope you enjoyed reading my point. I’m still handsome enough to sleep with a lot of women (142, 31yo) but am also disappointed by the usual citizen female attitude. Okey it’s hard to be a women, world and life doesn’t behave the same for them.. and boys are difficult to understand.. I’m not giving up for women but I’ll be closely looking what the dolls will look like in a few decades, and then might eventually be interested by buying one. And maybe their IA will be so good they will perceive themselves as “alive”.. but this is another story

  23. I think if people have this, the relationships might go back to the kind that you can talk and get along with eachother before you jump in bed right away and maybe divorce rates (I am from the U.S) would go down, and there’d be less tension in relationships, less urge to cheat, a good alternative to women or men that are uncomfortable with intimacy with a real person. Maybe if everything wasn’t about sexual judgement, more relationships would work. You can have your ideal sexual partner, and at the same time look for some one that is really a good match for you, not have it come down to ‘I’d rather have sex with this person, or that person’, and have the person you’re going to get along with cast to the side. In my opinion everyone, male and female should have this perfect sexual partner that they shouldn’t be judged for, or even a lot of these dolls for selection.

    In my opinion, most of the women that leave negative comments are intimidated by the idea of being compared to a girl without emotional needs, that won’t cheat or get mouthy and naturally has smooth and perfect look to the skin and has a firm perfect shaped body and is always smiling with a light peaceful look on her delicate face. There is no comparison that a high quality carefully made doll is far better than a real woman for me. I’m into a slow quiet life that has no drama and plenty of sexual release at night.

    Keep in mind that I’m a 21 year old female that is averagely approached, and considered at least decent looking. I wax, shave, use face scrubs and masks and collagen based lotions and masks, and stuff to grow my eye lashes and keep my hair treated. I keep up on almost everything that women are expected to (And enjoy it). I have an average social life. I’m usually quiet but I enjoy sitting with people and talking, or helping them, or cooking for them and taking care of them, or going out to movies or going ice skating or on stuff like hikes and fishing. I can pick up a conversation with a stranger, and am respectful to all people, but I would still choose a doll as a sex partner. I’m what most people would consider normal/average so it’s not all weird or unattractive people that would choose this. =/ Cause feminist girls (Especially bitchy ones or ones that become gross or masculine) aren’t what I’m interested in, and that’s all that’s usually the only kind of girl you find…

    Seriously. Don’t judge anyone that chooses these dolls over a real woman. If you really think about it, it’s much healthier than many sex partners, and there are plenty of male and shemale options with these dolls as well, and it’s definitely not unheard of for women to have them. It’s just a bigger deal if men have them. Imagine that… =/

  24. How nice to have such a sensible young female as Sunni add her comments to this documentary review. She’s absolutely right.

    If these dolls are a threat to anyone it’s those physically good looking egotistical, narcissistic me, me, me attention seeking males and females that think that their so gorgeous that their irreplaceable.

    Many of these people have rotten personalities as a result of being pandered to, spoilt and overly complemented purely on their looks for most of their lives. As a result they often have come to develop superiority complexes that expect everyone’s full attention and admiration while they treat other people like crap.

    In most cases I’d suggest that they’ve always relied on their good looks and not their ability or personality to get them what they want.

    Now when these silicon dolls really catch on people will pay less attention to the overbearing narcissists who have nothing other than their good looks (that, let’s face it won’t last forever) and seek mates with genuine personalities.

    Consider too you insecure women out there who didn’t get the job they wanted because some hottie got it based on her looks alone. Maybe all that will change with the arrival of the silicon doll so you should applaud it rather than fear it. It can also be your best ally in stopping a straying mate.

  25. Women can be so amusing yet pure hypocrites at the same time! IT’S MASTURBATION … PERIOD. Don’t many of you have dildos and other toys?? Same darn thing. It’s like many of you who knock how some guys look …. when you wear make-up!! AS IF you’re entitled and should not be evaluated on how you really look. Like you should be given allowances. Stop being hypocrites. You have your sex toys. Let guys have theirs without you bashing them for it. All it sounds like to me is that you’re jealous and offended that a guy would use a doll to get off rather than running after you!

  26. I am now 60 years old. I don’t have a woman in spite of 45 years of trying. The last one told me, “There is nothing between us.” and “Can’t we just be friends?” I knew that she was the last train leaving the station. Its over.

    I have done well with other aspects of my life. I have had a good career and obtained 2.5 college degrees. I have now retired and have become depressed.
    I wonder if one of these dolls would help with my depression? Other males in my situation have resorted to drinking. I have too much to offer to resort to this remedy. I have studied psychology and the remedies I plan to try are rationalization and fantazation. With Rationalization I tell myself that its OK. I have not used fantization since I was a child. Its a process in which you invent your own realm. Could a doll could help with this? The stigma of having a doll is too large for me. I can not do it, however, I will continue try to improve my situation.

  27. Packo,

    From what you write you’re not a loser. You may be seeing the glass half empty when you could be seeing it as half full.

    “Can’t we just be friends?” That question seems to suggest you wanted something more than she did. But the request doesn’t have to be seen as a negative especially at 60 years of age. In fact it can be a huge positive.

    I’m just guessing but if she was within ten years of your own age most likely her best years of anything sexual have passed.

    If she has other family commitments, responsibilities (kids etc) or what many people might call other baggage she’s doing you a favour.

    When you speak of rationalisation there’s your answer right there. The Romeo and Juliette happily living life ever after notion as long passed.

    If you do really like her settle for her friendship.

    As for sexual gratification get a doll and you can have the best of both worlds. Sex whenever you want and human friendship without sexual tension or becoming in any way responsible or tied to someone else’s problems.

    You get to choose what you want. What colour car, what furniture for your house, what you watch on TV, what and where you eat at half the cost.


    As for the stigma of having a silicon doll?

    Well it may exist in many people’s minds right now but that will all change eventually as people become smarter and more rational. Just as vibrators that many people would have seemed kinky in the fifties, are now simply accepted as a masturbation device without any kind of outrage so will the ultimate silicon masturbation device.

  28. Three years ago I was afforded the opportunity to have a love doll crafted after my own self. It was to be christened “Mike the Fucking Loser”. After finding out the name, (I was hoping for Ken), and actually screwing the doll about 15 or 16 times I opted out of the deal for fear of my mortified response the next time someone told me to go fuck myself. I also was a little put off by my own looks, kinda like hearing your voice after it has been recorded and thinking “Do I really sound like that?!” Needless to say I had to come to the realization (about 15 or 16 times), that the love doll itself was more interesting than the real me. I had the dollmakers killed and resumed my life of eating crisps and watching reruns of the “Eastenders” on the miracle that is American Public Broadcasting.

    P.S. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get genuine English crisps in the United States its about as difficult as getting laid…without the wife finding out that is…ahem anyway thank you for allowing me the chance to pretend to be English I’ll just bring an end to all this blithering by apologizing for this whole post and promising to keep all of my anger inside…I am a transvestite and I have terrible teeth if that makes you feel any better…for being British that is… anyway good luck with those scrummy Cadbury Biscuts. Love and Kisses, Mike.

  29. JILL!!! WHAT SICKOS WHERE!!! GOOD LORD WE MUST ACT NOW!!!! Why don’t you give me your phone # and we’ll hook up and you can squirt out a couple of non-sickos to combat the (I’m assuming here) incredibly fertile and abundant army of sickos that will surely be our undoing (one does not need a love doll to be a true sicko, there is a certain breed of sicko who needs nothing but a lady’s vagina and something called ovulation just to breed more sickos…the NERVE!) Wow its a good thing I live in the States where you can spot a sicko without him (or her Jill) toting around a love doll. Hell over here we got folks sporting dildos, vibrators and artificial vaginas in HOLSTERS…no shit…Fucking HOLSTERS!!! Some sickos carry around babies that (I’m assuming here again) they got by having sex with at least one other partner. HOLSTERS JILL!!!

  30. to each his own, girls don’t judge us men….as one of the guys on the docu says, a man’s muscle, intelligence, bravery, character, life skills may often mean nothing to women. you would realise that some of the dudes on the docu are well built, brave etc, not only “pathological” dudes or “losers” may need sex dolls…feminists wanted the “fish not to need the bicycle” & as someone pointed out here “it has come full circle, the bicycle does not need the fish either”, not always at least.

    men are tired of women’s drama & feminist legislation emasculatin’ us…no less than rock god John Mayer has said somethin’ like “when i am confronted with fulfillin’ another persons needs, i cut & run”. what does a grown man need a woman for except for SEX?? assumin’ he’s not a faggot, everything else he can get from his Bros, they are easier to get along with & are more dependable..explains also why many men are “refusin’ to grow up”

  31. You people need to calm down, if a guys likes to fuck dolls so what? It’s honestly not that big of a deal, the way you people are acting makes it seem like they are trying to start a new holocaust or something.

  32. if you want to use a doll then use it; I can’t say its bad or wrong, cause I have my toys, vibrators and such I’ve used for years since puberty while with a man or not. masturbation, its just part of who we are. good practice. and some day we get to feel like an animal with a real man. no holding back. they don’t’ say no, no drama, no games, no heartache. safe fantasies, they do exactly what I want them to do. what could be better.

  33. It’s kind of creepy,when guys live with the dolls like they’re real people. But oh well,whatever floats your boat,right? If they had dolls luke that for lower prices,more guys can have access to them. It’s bit gonna talk back,have babies,or give you an’s safe. I don’t have a problem with it at all,and don’t think it should be an issue…let the guys have their dolls!

  34. The older I get the more I’m starting to consider this.
    1. It’s cheaper than a divorce
    2. The chance of getting herpes or aids is pretty much 0
    3. The chance of someone “forgetting” their pill is 0
    4. The chance of someone getting pregnant is 0
    5. The chance of cheating 0
    besides women have had vibrators and the like forever, funny that’s never been an issue.
    When you take guys out of the paying for stuff it becomes a problem.
    Besides isn’t this what the feminists want? for men to leave them alone? Well, this is what things are coming to. If you’re not the 2nd coming most women today don’t want to be bothered anyway.


  36. both men and women loose the desired look after years, gravity pulls.
    Picture a man who really loves his wife, cares about her, kids and the rest is great,but sex, or sat it’s the way around.
    These dolls are made attractive, some women might feel jealous that they can not look like them and make derogatory statements towards the dolls and users, these dolls will always look the same “very sexy”, if old, it can be replaced.
    Bullshit aside out of 100 men, 70 will admit that these are attractive items and bring ideas to mind. i does bring ideas to mine.
    while having sex with your woman or man you feel the desire going away a little, you have a hot looking thing next to both of you, something might be awaken and there goes the train again.
    Wait around women, dolls for men look wonderful due to the demand, the industry has been driven to focus on female dolls, but if the demand for male looking dolls were higher, there would be better products for you girls instead of an oddly shaped piece of silicone, male dolls that look like a man you are attracted to, and at the same time have a husband that will look at your doll and think shit i wish my chest were like this motherfucker doll. JUST WAIT AROUND N YOU’LL SEE.

    Good for sexual stimulation.

    avoid std’s

    avoid being set you up for child support and the hate involved in those type of, take
    you for your money.

    No prenuptial agreements, your money is fine. (separated assets).
    Everybody needs someone strong to go through life’s good n bad times.

  37. I don’t blame women for feeling intimidated by this. For most of mankind’s history, their sex appeal has been just about the only actual power they’ve had over men. Now these dolls come along…at first glance they are just as real and sexy as any woman. Of course, you don’t have to look at them long before you realize that they are nothing more than cleverly made dolls. They can’t talk, respond to your touch or anything else other than just lie there. However, considering the advances being made in technology, particularly in robotics and artificial intelligence…maybe I should end by repeating that I don’t blame them for feeling intimidated.

  38. It’s a sex toy not a life partner. Fuck it and stuff it back in the cupboard. I sure as shit wouldn’t come home and put little bow ties on a dildo and ask it how its day was and have little romantic photo shoots lol these people are mentally unstable amd social retards PERIOD.

  39. So much hate. So much anger over nothing more than our very nature.

    How can you, as a woman possibly hope to know the hopes and dreams of a man? How can you ever possibly hope to know what it is that drives us? It isn’t just sex, I can tell you that, however, it is a proven fact that most men have much stronger sexual desires than most women. For you to look down on us and spit on us like creeps and weirdos because we want sex is extremely close-minded, and a little insane. You have no idea how we feel. I can guarantee that every man on this site, and most men throughout the entire world masturbate on a regular basis.

    Women masturbate as well, but they don’t have such an overpowering urge; they don’t have that desire that we have, and you will never understand it. Let me put it this way; it’s like any other emotion. Sadness… Anger… Frustration… Overtime these things continuously build up inside us, until they are finally released. When you can’t handle anymore sadness, you break down and cry. When you get really angry and can’t take anymore, you yell and may get violent. Sexual tension is no different. It is just another emotion that builds and builds and must be released at some point. For men, it just builds much faster and stronger. At some point, it needs to be released.

    These dolls are a very good solution to our sexual urges. I obviously don’t approve of these people that talk to these inanimate objects and pretend that they are alive. We all know damn well that a doll is a doll, so that isn’t the real issue, and if you try to make it the issue, then you are a moron. In fact, this whole documentary focused only on people who are crazy about their dolls because those are the stories that are the most interesting. 99% of men would not treat these dolls like real humans. They would use them to increase their quality of life. How can you possibly be so self-righteous that you would look down on us for wanting that?

    On a side note, I read a few comments about women that felt a little jealous of these dolls because they don’t represent a realistic woman. That is true. However, I would like to ask a question. Why would they want to replicate an average woman? These dolls are made to be beautiful; made to fulfill a fantasy. So why would they be made to look “realistic”?
    I guess i kind of understand the feeling though. It’s kind of like a man with an average penis size. He might look at a 9 inch dildo and feel jealous, even if he knows that the dildo isn’t a real representation of the average man. But that is the point! It was made to fulfill a sexual desire that an average man couldn’t! These dolls are the same, you just need to see it from a different view point. Also, I realize that dildos are very different from these life-size, realistic dolls, but the concept is the same, these are just made for maximal sexual pleasure.

  40. Well for me i like buy that doll for collection not for having sex. Maybe it sound weird but having sex with a doll is not a good choice for long time period. Also if i not wrong, this doll have their own benefit too, Such as a man who afraid about AIDS/HIV may think doll is the safe place for him to sex with, some prostitute may infected by AIDS/HIV. Just some not all. SO, i also can’t blame or judge them if i still don’t know the reason. But have a real women are more interesting even sometimes they mock you, drama, crying and etc but it create you a new whole world/memory with you. I have girlfriend, she nice girl always open mind, but she also have her bad side like when we go on date she “voters” in choosing food. For me, I just need to be patient with her layout. That all my opinion, Sorry for bad english and if i say something wrong please tell me.PEACE!!!

  41. These dolls don’t spend your money anoy or talk shit. Far better then a real woman but emptying them would not be for me when there nose starts to run its time to clean them out I suppose.

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