silicone love dollsWhy would someone chose to have a silicone love-doll instead of a real women? The reasons are various. Some people had accidents or are handicaped, some just don’t feel comfortable around real women or think that they can not find one. So they buy themselves those very expensive (up to 8.000 USD) silicone love-dolls that feel just like real women. Those men even start caring about them and building up a relationsship. This documentary film shows on the example of some men how silicone love dolls – or as some says “real dolls” have changed their lives. And it’s not always about sexuality – a big part of it is psychological.

Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 1

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 2

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 3

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 4

Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary) part 5



  1. Men: Some of you sound like you DESPISE women of REAL flesh, but adore women of silicone flesh. Strange, really…because it was, after all, your mamma (made of real flesh) that gave birth to you so that you may one day grow up to be a man and live the all American dream of one day purchasing and owning your very own silicone flesh sex doll !!!!! Wow !! You sure know how to make your mamma proud !

  2. I was just thinking. What if it was for temporary use like for instance some guy buys it before he had a girlfriend but later when he had one, if he really loved her he would sell that doll or just stuff it away somewhere…?

  3. Its just a sex toy, whats the big deal. How many women have got a fake cock sex toy? Loads. Connect a fake body and what have you got? A sex toy. Just the same…..but better. Theres no horrible smelly gunge up a sex dolls hole either.

  4. I find that the females that are against, Sex Dolls are only feeling the pinch about themselves, in other words, they can’t stand the thought of a doll replacing their bullshit and nagging, It’s O.K for woman to use dildos and many other sex toys, but as soon as a man wants to have a sex doll they are considered freaks and weirdos, I say this, if all you woman just lightin up and stop been control freaks that nag and want to rule the man you land, remember this, us men don’t want all that bullshit from chicks, and as most men know the Ladies always play hard to get, well a real life like doll could easy fill the void, in fact some of these dolls have better tits and pussy’s than most real chicks, I love women, and all I’m saying is men need their dildo type fun too.

  5. To all the ladies who think men are sick for this, well I look at it like this, if men have trouble finding a beautiful and sexy woman and they want to make their fantasy come true then I say go for it. After all we have our toys so why can’t men have theirs. There are some men who feel they can’t get a woman so they go after children, so I would rather them fulfill their fantasy with a doll then innocent children.To be honest, I wouldn’t mind having a doll made to look like me. I think it would be fascinating.

  6. I have seen these shows about guys who choose dolls over real women and these guys do seem kinda wierd but these are only the guys that were willing to go public and on camera for the world to see. Think about it, How many things that are not televised, or posted on you tube do you know about? The truth that I know is I had many female friends with benefits and then came along the perfect female I loved her with all I had, one day she tells me she Is pregnant and I could have not been happier. Out of nowhere I was called to service and I haad to leave for 18 months, I saw my baby born and the next time I got to see her she was 16 months old. I soon found out that while I was
    gone My wife had several boyfriends and had spent all that I had saved on her boyfriednds. we have divorced and since my divorce I have had such a disgust
    for the female that I cannot even watch porn. So digusted, not crazy, not gay,
    more than less sickened with females. I see no need for the female race other than human reproduction. Females as far as I know are useless.If silicon and science can replace the worthless hoard of wide open orface hoars(all females) than I say do it and lets get rid of all this I want this and that,I want equality, I want ,I want,I want. When Im asked if I could give a female a drink for her good looks I always respond with “Hell no,How about y0u buy me a drink for my good looks” and usualy I get a drink sent to me from the same female. I only wish you females could understand that sex is not you fucking but instead you speading your legs and getting fucked. You are all The same If you say you are not well that makes you a liar to.

  7. Recently I was diagnosed with terminal TTP (Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura) and given roughly 6 months to live. I have been married for 16 years happily and lived a full wonderful life.
    When my wife found out I was terminal SHE decided to part ways because she cannot endure the stress , or live with the fact she may wake up to a dead husband one day (who cares about my fucking feelings right?).
    After spending 15 days of my last 180 days in jail for solicitation, I decided to buy one of these wonderful fuck dolls of greatness . Id rather not spend my time in jail .
    For the guys in the video that said the sex with these is fantastic, all I have to say is LOL .
    Sex with a female was fantastic. Sex with a doll is just a fantastic form of masturbation.
    You better believe im spending the rest of my short life fucking something and living it up and trying new things .
    But I don’t spend my short time on earth speaking to it and coddling it and buying it shit either.
    Everyone’s situation is different, so you can’t hardly make fun of people for having one of these and I guarantee every guy that has ever masterbated would rather fuck a doll once and awhile then use thier hand, especially if they have some sort of terminal illness that prevents then from long periods of heavy arm usage .
    What about a guy with no arms? Would you call him a sick pervert ? I doubt one of you superfical females that posted here is willing to date a guy with no arms or a guy that could quite possibly die when you wake up to him the next morning.

    Cheers !

  8. I am married for over 5 months and i can say that i’m just tired of being shy to express my sex fantasies to my wife even I’ve told her many times and i won’t try to tell her anything anymore.. we have sex once in two weeks.. we are arguing on this issue but i am definitely turned off from having sex with her.. worse than havin sex with sex doll.

  9. I have read 80% of the comments and i have 1 thing to say, get on with your lives i agree these things are weird but its their choice it they want one or not.

  10. Well I have said it a thousand times and I will say it again. You have no Ideah what one person is going threw unless you walk a mile in there shoes. Those of you that want to bash the ones who like the sex dolls, have you walked in there shoes????? Now if you cant understand what they are going threw or have gone threw in there lives then you are selfcentered, selfish, controling, heartless and have no empathy for them. If you lived there life what would do???? Everyone is different NOT THE SAME! If I had known about these sex dolls I would have not had to go threw the pain and misery that I have had to go threw. My first wife stole from her job for five years of our marrage, rare sex like once a month, and slept around and then divorced me and took my kids from me and I was stuck paying childsupport for the next 10 years. I only got to see them every other week and then none. What would a woman do if her kids were taken from them?????? My second wife started sleeping around with her ex husband and doing drugs then divorced me and took half of everything including my retirement. My third wife and her kids had no respect for me and yet I was finacaly supporting them cause there father was not paying childsupport. I was still paying mine also. Yet she wanted more and more and more and I had no say so In the home about disapline etc, and if she did not get it I was thretend with divorce and how is sex suppost to be fun or nice with this as well. so after all the fighting It was over as well. This is just a piece of what I have had to go threw with women. “I SAY A PIECE” Ya I can Emagine how much more fun and pain free a sex doll would have been then going threw all of that crap and losing you kids not to mention the childsupport i paided I could have bought a few dozen sex dolls wow what fun. One for every day of the month. I would love to see anybody that complained about the sex dolls go threw what I have and then say what they did. I did try many times at having a REAL WOMAN. Ya I had baggage but who dont. I also have a brain injury, did ya know that probably not, so I guess that rules out any GOOD WOMAN that would want me just the crap ones. So ya I feel there PAIN.

  11. One more note MOST GOOD WOMAN are usually taken, and the ones that are not, are also picky about what they want in a man, and with my baggage I quess that leaves me out. I even had a woman tell me this herself. Plus were are these GOOD WOMEN on the other side of the planet. I would rather come home and bang a wonderful sexy love doll that is always ready for me and not take everything I have after. It may not be real but it beats coming home and find all your stuff has been taken or being yelled at and taken advantage of. WERE IS THE JOY OR SEX IN THAT. I have done the marrage thing because my religion believes you sould be married to that person before sex. I dont like bars or clubs and I dont want STDs and Im not doing the marrage thing again so I guess a sexdoll is perfect. Like the others have said ITS MY LIFE AND MY CHOICE NOT YOURS so quit trying to control them. Now if I could find a woman that also loves the sex dolls that would be sweeeeeeeet. CANT WAIT FOR MINE!!!!!

  12. Personally I think you women should be grateful to these dolls and kissing there rubbery plastic behinds cause without them these weirdoes would most likely resort to kiddnapping and making what could be one of you the object of there pleasure fantasies. So right on real dolls for saving real women everywhere from gun toting weirdos.

  13. Its really funny that you would say that Sheamus, because from what I see all the time on the news is also the WEIRDOE women killing men druging them, rapeing them as well. Female “WOMEN” teachers having sex with young students. WOMEN divorcing men for richer men and taking the children. It is all over the internet you just have to look unless you only look at the men which is what I see you saying. Ya I have seen some crap men out there but I also wonder if thoes men were pushed around by women, or having there children taken from them and pay childsupport, medical, alimony, wow that would make it very hard to have a good life after. Yet the women lives a life of abundance. Like I said swich the shoes and I bet you could not handle it very well either. The more divorces that happen the more crap you will see in this would like it or not. At least a sexy doll will not take you for everything you worked hard for. I have had women friends that did lose there children and everything and trust me they went off on the deep end just like men…… that is why you see more men doing the crap. Most men loose in a divorce. That make a sexy, beautiful, lovedoll very Appealing for alot of men and yes also women. I know of a few women that have one. Yes I also believe that maybe if the people in this world would stop behaving selfishly, selfcenterd, controling, abusive mental and physically, being greedy. There would be no need for these realdoll.

  14. I agree with a lot of the male posts here..Can men have no place of a sanctuary of their sexual needs without a female bashing them..To each their own!!These women that get on here and condemn a mans privacy!! WTF..Controlling
    Wenches..Spell check? Who gives a F@ck! Miaka Statement: Miaka statement 271

    Do you people know , understand or even think before you type all that which has been typed out here. Sex dolls are an easy way out……thats it. You men are willing to degrade a whole world of women so that, you dont have to change your pigish life style. I will tell you what the entire problem with sex dolls is. Sex was , is a part of life, which was developed in nature so that life could be made. So that life could procreate, and hence we aka LIFE can exist. The problem with men and those women who think sex dolls are a good idea is that, it just does not simply stop at satisfication…What a feminist
    low life statement! Leave us men alone!! It’s amazing she is even on this forum..Hmm why would she be on to begin with..? Women like this have real issues…Serious issues..And is a male contoller..

  15. Kristin needs to cease to exist!! A Feminist Pig..Anyone wanting some to cease to exist because of a “Love Doll” Absolutely has no right in a society!!What a Pig!!

  16. I would rather have these guys making out with their dolls than shooting up my gym with an uzi… As said before pity them if you will, but they are happy…. live and let live.

  17. Ok I don’t own one but woman have total changed where I live in the last ten years. They have become sluts or no serious about having someone in there life for many years. And men want someopne to come home to after a long day at work and want to have sex with someone attractive to them. If its not going to be someone real then why live your life without pleasure in your time off if this works for them then I say go for it. There not out getting STD’s from whores witch in the end is always better.

  18. Here is my 2cents and you may or may not like it. Most of the Women out there talk about us guys wanting to control them yet they also want to control us guys. The proof is out there, check out divorce rates and who does the divorcing on the internet. Ya I could go out and find a woman and have sex, been there done that as well, but o ya it has to be there way. Men have to spend there hard earned money for the dates, then get nothing, or you have to put a condom on “ya latex”. To bad most women dont know what a condom feels like. You dont know how many men thay have spread there legs to. STDS. The sex could be crap (they just lay there like a realdoll) or they then claim you raped them and you pay thousands in court defending yourself or you go to prison for something you did not do and get raped by other guys.(check out why so many guys get released because of new DNA.) So you choose to try and find a ” REAL WOMEN ” (GOOD LUCK) and get married. Well damn now they have you by the balls and a leash around your neck because they can gain weight, shop as much as they want, act the way they want, tell you when you can and can not have sex and if you dont do what they want, act the way they want or talk the way they want you to, well then “your screwed”. They use sex to CONTROL, or threaten to divorce ( TO CONTROL ) and then take the children, childsupport, alimony, medical bill, half of everything, the house **** I could go on because I have been there done that crap. We men go to work and make money and they take most of everthing. ” CAN WE SAY SLAVE ANYONE ” Where in the hell is the fun or great sex in that. Ya I would rather have sex with a realdoll (which is more real than most women) where I hear the sex is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better and you dont have to ask, and you dont have to go threw all the BS that I have stated. You can say all your bull crap you want but it does not change the truth. The internet, court system and most men will prove this over and over again. Ya there is some crap guys out there. How many of them do ya think the women made that way with there controlling crap ?????? I would love to see women go threw the shit that most women have put men threw and see what happens to them. O ya I have, the women goes crazy. This is a big reason why REALDOLL FACTORIES ARE BOOMING WITH BUSINESS, get a clue the numbers dont lie. Add me to the count. Damn cant wait till I get mine. No more BS with women….Pure bliss and damn sexy….. Just my 2cents.

  19. It’s sad they need to rely on a doll because some of these guys seem really nice and are actually very cute.

    I’m a girl and bisexual so I can understand the attraction to these dolls. Personally, I don’t get nearly as much gratification from a dildo as I do from a real, breathing, sentient man. But I think that these guys have been dealt a bad hand in life and this is their way of making lemonade out of lemons. I’ve had to do the same thing myself from time to time.

    However, for all you men who say that women are manipulative and evil and blah blah blah. Don’t sit up here and try to act like men are all innocent little lambs and as pure as the driven snow. Men are manipulative and can be downright evil. Just like women.

    Bad-natured people come in all shapes, sizes, sexual preferences, colors, genders, religions, parts of the globe, and what have you. Stop being ignorant.

  20. I have watched these videos and think the dolls are cool. I am a woman, 42 yrs old, been married, now divorced, I have 2 kids and one grandchild,and I am a collector of dolls. I mainly collect Barbies, but there are a few others too. I wish I could have a doll like this. Dress her up, fix her hair and makeup and display her. I would not have sex with her, because I am straight and I have no desire to have sex with a doll. But I still think they are down right cool. The man in the video named Mike with the girlfriend that broke up with him a week after his birthday, I feel bad for him. He seemed to be the most level headed to me. He seems to have a real grip on what is real and what is not, he chooses the dolls as a form of masturbation and I see nothing wrong with that. I wish I could have a man in my life who could support me and my doll collection as well as be involved in it. I would totally love to go shopping, pick out wigs, make up and dress up the dolls with him. Why not make it fun and not all about sex. It is a hobbie and if he wants to fuck them once a week then let him. No harm done. I would rather my man have sex with a doll, safely and honestly then go out and cheat on me. Let them have their dolls, it is safer than a lot of other things they could be doing. And Mike,,, the ex just did not understand you…go to a doll show where it is mostly women, and find a woman who loves dolls as much as you. When I go to a doll show, its 99 percent woman. You could have your pick…And people do not judge, we all have our strange habbits, we just do not let someone film it and show it online or TV. Be nice, be safe, and be understanding. Bye…

  21. Tina #329 It is so very wonderful to read such I nice comment. I so believe that if more women were like you the human race would flourish. I know the dolls will not fix everything in a marrage but when it comes to sex they can alleviate alot of stress and I mean ALOT.
    Now about the doll shows, hook me up, where can I find them so I can go and find a woman like you.

  22. Hi Overused #330, Thank you for the nice words. That was so sweet.
    Well I do not know where you live, so I do not know where doll shows would be near you. I normally look online like Craigslist to find doll shows that are coming up. There is also a “Doll Museum” that is really cool in Down Town Phoenix where I also get some of my information. The annual Barbie Convention is in July and I am going to go,since it is in California, so it is only about a 6 hour drive from where I live in Phoenix. I am very excited about it since it will be my first Barbie convention. So look for information on line. Most private doll sellers and toy stores will know about doll shows. But not big stores like Toys R Us.
    As far as finding a woman like me… well I am one of a kind!!! hahaha LOL!!! I am understanding about the love of a doll. I have loved dolls and my collection for a long time. I buy new dolls and used dolls. I buy what I like and make the most of what I have. I love going to thrift stores and finding an expensive or vintage Barbie for $2-$3, taking her home, fixing her hair, cleaning her up, dressing her and making her look almost as good as new, but with my own special touch. I call them my treasure hunt Barbies. I have a blast doing it, but no one shares my love of my dolls. My boys could care less and my female friends and family members just do not get it. So I guess that is why I understand anyone who has a hobby or love of dolls and no one to share it with. I hope everyone has a great weekend who reads this. Remember, to be open minded means we do not judge others for what they like. You may not understand it, but you do not have too. Enjoy what you love and love what you do. Now if I could only find love for my job. “sigh” I have to get ready for work. Bye for now.

  23. Hello Tina #331 Thank you for the complement, unforchantly most sweet guys seem to get taken advantage of or finish last in this world. Well I live right above you and california is only a 10 hour drive for me. Not to bad since I love to drive.
    They do not have the big realdolls at these doll shows do they? That would be alot of fun if they did. Dressing them up and doing photography is what I am looking forward to. Its the cost of them that is a bummer. I really dont understand how some people can be so closed minded about these dolls, and have such hate towards them. Its like I told someone else, that there is no difference between being obsessed about a car and a doll except You may not be able to have sex with a car. But you can ride a doll LOL. I so very much agree that people should not judge others, it is a huge problem in this world. It is also really interesting to see that most of the people that are against the dolls seems to be women at least from what I have been reading and there low blows at me. So I guess that would make you one of a kind or should I say a Vintage Barbie. Good luck on finding that love for your job. I think most of the planet has been trying to find that!!!!!

  24. Hi again Overused #332
    What a great way to start my weekend!!! I normally work till midnight but since we were so slow, I got off at 10:30pm. YEA!!! Now I get the next two days off!! So does that mean you live in Nevada? I have only been to Vegas once, Reno once, and Carson City once. I am not a fan of driving, but so happy that I can and have a car to get me where I need to go. No silly, no big real dolls at these doll shows. They have real Baby dolls that look and feel like a real baby. I think they are called “Newborns” and they look like real little, cute babies. But I have seen the “real dolls” go up to like age 5 or 6 in size and characteristic’s. They look amazing. But no life size woman/fantasy dolls. But with all the conventions that people have and think up, maybe you can come up with a real size woman doll convention. It is a way to bring people together that like what you like. Or maybe contact the place you buy your dolls from and ask them if they know anyone who does. I always get so excited to go to a doll show to see if I can find a diamond in the ruff at a fake diamond price. hahahaha I have seen some of the pictures on the web site. Are those pictures you have taken of your dolls? I could not be leave how amazing and beautiful the dolls are in the pictures. The artistic structure and detail in these dolls are just amazing. I can see why men get turned on by them. WOW!!! They remind me of Playboy models. I love the one with Pixie ears. Soooo coooolllll!!!!! Yea,, they are way to expensive for me too. I will prob never own one, but if I had an extra five thousand dollars, I would buy one for sure. Right now I am saving up for the Barbie Convention/Vacation. That was funny what you said about “riding a doll”. I got a good little laugh out of that one. Yea, I am a Vintage Barbie, just getting better with age. “smile” hahahaha I hope I look that good at 50 plus years old. Well,,, I did find a little love at my job tonight…the love of leaving early!!! HA!LOL!!! Do you mind me asking….??? How many “Love Dolls” do you have? I have over 100 Barbies. Plus some other dolls. Half my Barbies are out of their box from being found at thrift stores. I will be out looking for more treasures this weekend. Nice chatting with you. Have a good night. Tina

  25. No I live in the boring state of utah. I have drove all over the western states. If I had It my way I would be a trucker. That would be so sweeeeeeet. There is nothing better then the open road with the window down, the radio cranked up and the fresh smell of pine. Untill you hit one of those smoog cities. O ya and a sexy doll in the passenger seat. No big dolls ummm that really sucks! Crap I was looking forward to that. Now those baby dolls they are cute. I have seen alot of pics of them and they seem so very real. No wonder alot of people have bought them. As for me I do not have a realdoll YET. I am saving up for my first one and having to wait really really sucks. $6500.00 is alot of money but well worth it. I have been told by other doll owners that the dolls seem more real in person than in a photo. Even the first glance when they walk into the room is so very real. Its funny that the dolls remind you of Playboy models because I was thinking that if you took a million people male and female, and put each one of them in a seprate room with a Playboy looking doll what do ya think will happen. LOL. Now Tina that is alot of dolls. How long has it taken you to collect that many dolls? Well I am glad that you found a little love at your job. As for me I already love my job since I get to drive for a living. “smile” Well good luck on finding more doll treasures this weekend. Good night.

  26. I do not know how long it has taken to get that many dolls. It’s prob been about 4 years. I may have more than that, but I have not actually counted them, so I am not sure. Wow, they are $6500 now? I thought they were like $4500. But even $4500 is to much for me. I display some of my out of box Barbies in a doll house just recently and today I found some old school Barbie furniture for only $10 with some other really cool stuff at a used item store. I had been looking for some Barbie furniture for the last couple of weeks with no luck at all. And just by chance, I found a big bag of like 70’s or 80’s Barbie furniture all in one spot for an incredible price. I have had a very busy day and I am tired. I think I will be going off to bed soon. Good night.

  27. I was quite amazed about how good looking the latest dolls are. I am a single guy, and I understand very well why people buy them. I want one myself, but they are still quite expensive. I guess that like everything else, the quality of the dolls will improve further with time while the price will go down. It seems to me that this is going to be big business in the future. A lot of people will get these dolls. No wonder. Human relationships are usually very complicated, so it is probably better to have a real looking “dream” doll than a real partner.

  28. AndyR So very true how sexy they are. They may be expensive but if you think about it how much do men spend on dating or having a marrage, children, divorce, childsupport, etc. I have some friends that have spent thousands on dates and still can not seem to get a women, or thousands on divorce. Just save your money and you will get the money real fast. If people were more committed in relationships there would be no reason for realdolls. Times have changed for the worst, and that is why these dolls are selling so much. No matter where you live the only people you get to try and date are the ones that live in the same area you do, that are not already married, or taken. Then the ones that are avalible might not want to have a relationship or have there own baggage, problems, children, stress etc, which makes it harder. Then most people have a list of what they want in a person(religion, personality, honesty, commitment, height, weight, looks, money, STDS, children, how good they are with sex, meeting needs, mental issues, etc.) and so that just limits your choices even more, and if you choose to ignore your list, just to have a relationship or sex, then there is a 95%-100% chance it will come back to bite you in the butt. (Been there done that) Then lets say by some chance you do find that one person out of all that and start a relationship or get married. You now have 60%-70% chance of a divorce, if it is not worked at everyday, weather it be needs, sickness or health issues, daily responsibilitys, family deaths, accidents, money problems, outside world influences, raising children, PMS, economy problems, depression, stress, the list could go on and on. Ya you could try the internet and longdistance relationship but that rarely works and there is no sex. I know this because I have either lived it or seen it. Just look at the divorce rates when 9/11 happend and so many people lost there jobs, or depression. Ya money is a really big one. I watched my parents almost divorce after my brother was ran over by a truck. The depression and stress can kill most people. I see these dolls as a really big turning point in dating and relationships. Alot of people are going to be threatened by these dolls. Even more when they become AI. Just read the past posts again about some of the hate torwards these dolls. Anyway sorry for rambling on but good luck to ya AndyR.

  29. Hello “overused”. First of all, I am sorry to hear about your brother. I completely agree with your views, and some of the points that you mentioned are probably the reason why I am still single at the age of 48. Our society seems to be constantly bombarding us with the idea of marrying a beautiful partner, having beautiful kids, and having a happy and perfect life. We see this brainwashing everywhere: In the movies, magazines, news, commercials and TV series. In the media, we see the perfect beautiful women and men all the time. The reality for the majority of people is very different. For guys in my age, it is a pain to see this brainwashing all the time, and to realize that I will soon be too old and unatractive to women. In many ways, I feel like I have “missed the train” in life. Although many people consider me being an attractive guy, I have only had some 3 real partners in my whole life, and very little real sex. Like any human, man or woman, we always want to have an attractive partner. For us guys, it is in our genetic code that we always want the most beautiful, sexy and young women, and we are never satisfied with just one. In many ways I find it immoral for a man well over his 40’s to be chasing girls in their 20’s. In my opinion, let the young ones be together with the young ones, and let the old ones control their hormones. But that is difficult. I see these dolls as a blessing. They add essence to live in a young fantasy world, and they are nothing but a tool to keep guys, and some girls too, happy. I see nothing insane about getting one of these dolls as long as one doesn’t get too emotionaly involved with the doll and become dependable on them. As the dolls are lifeless, I would recommend anyone who is lonely to also get a pet, like a dog or a cat. It is important to have a living companion that you can take care off and love in a very different way than a love doll. A love doll is purely for sexy or erotic fantasies.

  30. Thank you for the comments AndyR. Ya my brother is a sweet gem. He has been in a weelchair ever since the accident. If you read my other post #317 you will see a piece of the crap I could have avoided if I had known about the dolls. NO amount of living companion is worth that crap. The amount of stress and emotions that I have been under is much worse than being alone, I feel. There is nothing worse than having your kids taken from you in a divorce and you only get to see them every other week and in my case very little because she would bribe them with stuff if they did not visit with me. Then pay childsupport for years. The amount of hard earned money that I have lost, I could have bought my own house and put a sexy doll in each room. Very Depressing.(CRYING) I have meet so many (and I mean many) other guys that have been in the same boat as me. You say that we have been brainwashed everywhere, and for some of it, I agree but if you sit back and think about it and look at the past you will see that this is really not true. In the past most people were in great shape and skinny, because they worked very hard or worked on the farm. The food back then was much healthier, not much crap for them to eat, just the good stuff. Its the people that is making all this crap food and putting crap into it that makes us addicted to it. Plus alot of the medications that we now have, was not here in the past and makes us over weight and more emotional issues. Then you have pollution which they did not have in the past. If this crap was not here you would still see people skinny and in great shape. So I believe being attracted to skinny and looking good has been hardwired into our genes from day one. Common sense says that if all this crap was not here now we would all be skinny and in great shape. Less medical problems, probably no diabetes as well. We can be healthy and skinny now but it takes more discipline and control now, and alot of people dont want to do it they want us to just except it. The dolls are the best thing I have come across, now I get to fulfill alot of my fantasies. They may not be real but to me they are more real than alot of the women out there and soon they will have dolls that have AI. Now men can have great sex without it being used to control us. We dont have to worry about using condoms, getting STDS, getting her pregnet and having to pay childsupport, being told no, losing everything in a divorce, being yelled at all the time(PMS)or having to play the stupid dating game and spend lots of money and come home empty handed. After 22 years of giving my money to women, I can now spend my hard earned money on me, me and o ya me. I even talked to a doctor who has a doll he said “now I can go out on a date without sex being on my mind the whole time” LOL. I so agree with his statement. It sucks going out on a date and alot of the time you keep thinking sex, sex, sex.

  31. Hello “overused”. Thanks for responding. I see that you have been through quite an ordeal with your marriage. I have been told several times not to get married. Funny enough, a current girlfriend of mine, which I like very much, and was married before, told me recently the same thing: Don’t get married. Even my mother told me not to marry anyone several years ago! Considering how high the divorce rate is in “democratic” societies, and the number of couples who consider to divorce but don’t have the guts to do that because of family, friends and legal pressures, it seems to be a wise choice to continue to be single. Of course, being single doesn’t mean being lonely, and being alone has huge advantages. One is free to do whatever one wants: Get up late during the weekends, eat whatever one wants, watch the movies one wants to watch, keep the living room untidy, and even fart in your own home without needing to apologize or ask for permission! Dealing with a real woman is not easy, but then, many women say the same about men. Women are not perfect and the same applies to men. We are also different in many ways. Some years ago, I watched a TV documentary about men/women relationship and differences, based on a book called “The Brain Sexes”. The conclusion of that documentary was very simple: Most women prefer powerful men, rich, famous or strong. We men, prefer the perfect partner to be sexually attractive and reproductible, and we want the most possible partners to “keep on reproducing” our species. This is very much what happens in the animal world. We are in other words compatible in just one thing: Sex. Forget about anything else. Of course, I have seen marriages that have lasted very long, but not free from conflicts. Thinking about this, I ask myself: Would I like to marry and live with the same woman for the rest of my life? I would have to see her getting old, maybe fat, with wrinkles, unattractive, and so on for the rest of my days. Would I like that? Certainly not! Would she like seeing me getting old, maybe fat, with wrinkles and unattractive for the rest of her days? Certainly not! So what is the point of getting married??? Someone told me once: Love is short lived, but hatred is forever. It seems to be true. I have also spent some time and money with online dating sites in order to find the perfect partner, but it has never worked. By the way, most of the dating sites are either posting fake ads (to get more members) or they are filled with fake ads with the intention to get your money or other benefits – I have come across a lot of them, usually some very good looking girls in their 20’s, professionally photographed, or that had some pictures stolen from a Facebook member – usually scam gangs operating from Nigeria or Ghana. I have had enough of this “perfect world”. I am seriously planning to get a house cat for company and a real Love Doll (I have started to save for that) for the other fantasies. Anyways, I wish you good luck with everything!

  32. I think that if a doll makes them happy then GOOD 4 them… I would not mind at all if my husband buys a doll today, hell I would want him to share. lol or at least buy me a male doll hehehe.. I think that toys for male and females are the same to me, I mean we all have the right to satisfy our self.. It does not matter if is a dildo or a pussy. If you can be open minded and just realize that its just a more realistic way of getting off.. I was thinking of buying 2 dolls, one for my self and one for my husband.. lol Dolls are not for every one, and just cause they are not in your taste does not mean you have the right to judge people that like having them.. Grow up and stay out of these web sites if you don’t like it..

  33. It has been said the only man who understands women is the man who has nothing to do with them.
    I wonder if the same will eventually apply to love dolls as well.

  34. Thanks for the comment AndyR. I agree DONT GET MARRIED. Its really sad how other people post negative comments about the dolls and yet they most likly have not gone through the crap, that I and many other men have gone through. Other people have told me to just get a “real women” and I told them, What is the point of having a “real women” when there is so much bull crap that comes with it,(the list is endless) which makes it miserable and no fun at all. If I was a man who likes one night stands that would be different but that is just not me. That is why the dolls are so alluring and why they are selling so much. Most men are just tired of all the crap (and I mean crap) that comes with dating and being with a “real women”. I even tried the dating sites many years ago and its even worse. I talked to women who would get hundreds of hits from guys and yet most guys would get a few if any. I even did the long distant relationship because of a dating site. IT SUCKED. Never did it again. I have read many books and articles about this and its my feelings and opinion that the two single biggest factors in the Destruction of relationships and marrage is Feminism and using sex to control men. When and only when that changes will relationships get better. But untill then I am going to stick with my real, sexy looking, always ready, none bitching love doll. Then we will soon have AI dolls. Fantasy come true.

  35. i wanna buy the silicon love doll. how can i buy it?
    what is the cost of the same?
    please reply me soon.

  36. The first time I heard of these dolls and the amazingly high price I laughed and thought who on earth would ever pay that much for a life sized barbie doll that you can bang? However lately I’m not sure I feel the same anymore.

    I’m not a guy who has trouble getting women for those of you who think these are only for socially inept people. I have no problem meeting or approaching women. I am told I’m sexy by most women, I go to the gym very regularly and compete in road bike races, I am highly educated and successful, usually quite humorous, etc.

    I personally have done the one night stand thing and I NEVER enjoyed it. It’s always odd being with someone you hardly know and haven’t a clue what each other are really into sexually (not to mention the thought of STDs or what happens if this girl gets pregnant by accident?). I have done the dating scene which can be fun, but is expensive. As a man I would pay for most everything on the dates, but because of that I always did something fun and interesting. I’d pick something I’ve been wanting to go do anyhow and just needed someone to come along with lol. I’ve been married and I only had to do that once to know how big of a mistake that was and after a divorce that lasted years and her taking everything I had ever worked for piece by piece I decided never to do that again. Luckily she couldn’t touch my retirement or income. That was nearly five years ago now.

    The idea of dating now and then, but for the most part being single the rest of my life is looking like the path I’m leaning towards and find most enjoyable.

    So what do many women do who are single and not looking to sleep around? They buy toys to play with on those lonely nights. So why not have a damn amazing toy that feels as close the to real thing as possible? Sure looks like it would be fun. Could dress it up in things a lot of women are reluctant to wear and bang it anytime you’d like which hell some days that could easily be like three or four times which most women I’ve been with eventually get to sore at that point and need a break.

    I haven’t gotten one yet but every time I look at one I consider it more and I have a feeling it’s just a matter of time. I don’t look at it as a replacement to women, but as a toy that sure would be fun to play with.

    I have read sales have continued to actually rise on these dolls too with more than 10 different companies around the world offering models currently starting at 3,800 usd and a couple companies offering some in the 2300 usd range but that are only 3~4 feet tall. Also there are whole male doll lines and even transsexual doll lines being produced now and reproductions of adult porn stars being sold. I wonder how long it will be before you can order celebrity ones like a Angelina Jolie model?

  37. Oh and I forgot to mention that some companies have even started making models with unusual skin tones, vampire fangs, elf ears, and other fantasy type items. I guess you women can now order your very own Edward Cullen dolls 😉

  38. I think what bothers me as a woman is how realistic they are, whereas generally sex toys for women are simply dildos/vibrators/etc. It almost shows a woman in the most degrading/sexualized way. I guess that would be the same for male sex dolls. Just the fact that sex toys take a human shape disturbs me. And to make it worse, these people treating them not only as sex toys but as companions and pretending to “love” and have a “relationship” with these dolls is kind of concerning.

    Also, I’m sorry men but you aren’t innocent yourselves. A lot of men cheat, lie, and manipulate to get what they want (usually being sex). That’s not the majority of men, same with women, not all of them are bad. I think it’s immature, or I guess not appropriate, to use this as the reason for “fucking bitches” or resorting to relationships with sex toys. I’m sorry but not all humans are rays of sunshine. You have to deal with that cause unfortunately that’s part of life. That’s not reason to give up on the opposite sex or treat them with disrespect. Not everyone is an asshole. It appears it goes beyond sex and goes to being an emotional issue.

    Anyway, in the cases where it’s not an emotional issue or hatred towards the opposite sex, I guess masturbation is just masturbation. The only problem I see with these dolls is that they’re kind of inconvenient to have around the house. If my guy wanted a sex toy I wouldn’t mind, as I wouldn’t mind having one myself, but the fact that’s it’s so realistic and life-size puts me off and would rather have him pick some other toy.

    Either way, wether this a “wrong” or “right” kind of depends on the attitude of the guy (or girl) and the reasons why they masturbate with these dolls.

  39. Hi arpan: Responding to your posting, and to many others who would like to know where to get these dolls, I have done my own research and found out that the links that I have listed below are probably the best high-quality manufacturers in the world. Good quality dolls can be bought for a price of around USD 5,000 and upwards. Of course, one gets what one pays for. Some of the dolls are very expensive because of the quality of the silicone and the artistical details put into them – they are real masterpieces! Just remember that even the best real-looking doll will still look like a doll in bright light – but I guess that when the light is very dim, they start to look real, and the fantasy takes over…

    w ww. sinthetics. com (US)
    w ww. realdoll. com (US)
    w ww. wickedrealdoll. com (US)
    w ww. dollstory. eu (Japan/France)
    w ww. anatomicaldoll. com (Russia)

    Apparently, Sinthetics has got so many orders that they are not accepting more incoming orders for the time being – this is big business! There might be other high-quality doll manufacturers out there that I have not come across yet.

  40. I have been married two times and am now. I was single for 15 years before remarrying. If I had known about these dolls in that 15 years, I would likely have gotten one myself. Even though I married a Beautiful Woman, I think I would rather have gotten a doll. Women seem to want to argue with their men… especially if they disagree with them on any point. You women think you must always be right no matter what and I for one am tired of it. The thoughts we have are JUST AS VALID as yours and I have told my wife that. Sometimes, we do things differently than you would. That does NOT make what we do any less VALID!!! Ours is only a “DIFFERENT” way of doing or thinking. If she ever leaves me, I WILL get a DOLL. YOU WOMEN WILL HAVE DRIVEN ME TO IT!!!

  41. I hope the first 2 men find a living breathing woman whos good hearted and gives them peace of mind, i first thought these type of men were freaks, weirdos but after seeing this i feel i misunderstood a big majority of them they have trust issues and are not confident the 3rd man to be honest he just seemed to just like sex with dolls that look like women who are out of his league… so i hope he kicks that addiction cuz i cant see alot of women being okay with competing with a doll the 2nd man the computer technician has such low self esteem hes not so bad looking anyways Your future will be consistent with your self image. You can change your future by changing your self image.. he just needs a woman friend to teach him the ropes my boyfriends 5 feet tall im a model, Im much taller i only dated 6 feet tall men before him but when he came up to that night so confident he made me laugh so much he won me over hes never had to worry about me straying for a 6 feet tall man now i feel silly having been so shallow before its all about confidence and a sense of humor 2 years and counting and were very happy.. good luck to these men xx

  42. Honestly, I wouldn’t care if my guy had a doll.

    Although the guys saying its because women argue. Well so do men. Its in our nature to disagree, just as friends disagree. Its just how you work toward getting better in the relationship.

  43. Very interesting. First time I have ever heard of real dolls. I think politicians could solve a lot of their problems if their wives purchased one of these real dolls for them. It would eliminate the media frenzy over cheating politicians, bribes to keep it quiet, and money to keep their out of wedlock offspring in hiding.
    Now my only question is there a similar product for women.

  44. Hello “fascinating”. After reading your posting, I believe that you might be a woman. There is a similar product being now made for women. Check out’s doll gallery. There are not many male dolls being produced yet simply because the market is dominated by male clients. As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, we men are very attracted to the female form, while women might be more attracted to other features on a man. If that was not the case, then you would see a large number of male real dolls on sale. Should there be a high demand on male dolls, I’m quite sure that you will see more of them being made by different manufacturers.The question I now ask myself is: Is this the answer to an overpopulated world? Maybe it is. Maybe nature has been so clever to make us humans intelligent (in a subconscious way) enough to make sex dolls so we don’t overpopulate the world?

  45. I see them simply as masturbation tools
    similar to the fleshlight, magazines etc nothing special
    The way we are going we could create androi like ones with limited consciousness that are eeven better fore our satisfaction.
    I think women will stop complaining if we crate a male version one for them.

  46. Perhaps some of the people posting their comments on this documentary after seeing the men involved in it and viewing them as inept sick losers could revisit their thinking.

    Western culture has changed considerably over the last four decades and certainly accelerated in the last with social media and reality television. It’s become a world dominated with a me,me,me narcissism.

    This self focus and image consciousness has created many fake people and phoney relationships. Along with this comes insecurity and mistrust.

    Now unless you have a particular fat, thin, hairy or some other certain sex fetish most people would consider the most physically attractive males and females are the kind you’d see in magazines like playboy or penthouse for men and the equivalents for women.

    I believe and predict that there will be a huge growing interest in silicon dolls over the coming decades which will shake many of these fake narcissist back into reality.
    These dolls will remain young looking while good looking phoneys will lose their currency even before their bodies become wrinkled or bloated with age.

    I believe the positive effects of the silicon are far more reaching and enormous that people now realise. Just imagine if relationships were all based on genuine friendships and you actually liked the person first and foremost for their mind and personality rather than being obsessed in loving their body.

    The silicon doll doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have sex with your partner but it will help ensure that sex won’t be used as a bargaining chip in a marriage and also reduce the temptation to stray and pick up some STD.

    Yes silicon dolls may not be real (living and breathing) people but they certainly could help bring those living breathing fakes back to some honest reality.

  47. Well said warren. As for me having sex with a realdoll is better than a real wo
    men that is being fake and out to use you then dump you for the next guy.

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