physics 100 greatest discoveriesPhysics, the study of the world around us, seeks to answers a lot of questions on how we live and how things came to be. Our need to understand has inspired a whole lot of great discoveries from the discovery of the atom to revealing the forces that holds our universe together. This documentary features the greatest discoveries in Physics and the story behind some of them.

Galileo’s experiment to test Aristotle’s theory that heavier objects fall faster marks the beginning of an era where scientific laws are not just accepted but are tested. Challenging Aristotle’s findings, Galileo pioneered the study of acceleration due to gravity. The next discovery is brought by Sir Isaac Newton who was the proponent of the law of universal gravitation. He then expanded his study to come out with a study about the laws of motion which is the foundation of classical physics.  The next important discovery was made by Rudolf Clausius who uncovered the second law of thermodynamics. Clausius used the word entropy to denote the energy that is wasted when energy exchange takes place.

Know the rest of the important Physics discoveries by watching the documentary below.

Stories Behind Physics’ 100 Greatest Discoveries

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