Army Ranger School Training

Army Ranger School TrainingThe Army Ranger School is considered to be the toughest training  in the military. Less than 1% of the whole army qualify to go under this program. However, only 1 in 3 will make it through the program to earn the much coveted ranger tag . This documentary is about the army ranger course and how it pushes even the best soldiers to their limits.

In this training, soldiers are forced to their breaking points to be the best of the best. The first 3 days are called the assessment phase. The day starts with hand to hand combat after which they are to carry each other while running around a track. This routine goes for hours until the night comes. They are then to run for 3 miles to reach the legendary army ranger obstacle course. Soldiers are tasked to move along 10 obstacles  together with their buddy. By this time, they feel exhausted and are probably thinking of quitting the program. This is just the first day.

Day 2 and 3 of the assessment phase are no different. By the second day, 31 soldiers have already decided to quit. Fear of heights and discomfort in cold water would be the enemy of the soldiers on day 2. Watch the video below to know more about what the soldiers went through.

Surviving the Cut: Ranger School

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