marine recon trainingMarine recons are the eyes and ears of the marines who are the first men in the ground behind enemy lines. Marines have to survive the basic 12 week reconnaissance course to join this elite group. Only the best and dedicated get to earn this title. This documentary narrates the extensive training that marines go through to be a Marine Recon.

Recon marines are first in the field and are tasked to locate the enemy. They scout the area to check through possible entrance and exit points to help in the success military campaigns. Their task is gruelling and often involves dangerous stunts that require precise skills and techniques. Those who volunteer to go under this program are subjected to tests and simulated scenarios that test their physical and emotional health.

The documentary starts with the first day of training at the pool. Marines are required to tread in the water for 40 minutes while wearing their full gear. In this early, instructors check the person’s ability to swim and stay afloat under long periods. The rest of the exercises that day similarly test their endurance in water. Find out more about their training by watching the documentary below.

Surviving the Cut: Marine Recon

Discovery Channel