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Mission Accomplished in Iraq

Seven months after the end of the war in Iraq was declaired by George W. Bush, the BBC journalist and filmmaker Sean Langan takes...

Dick Cheney – An Unofficial Biography

This shocking Biography about America's former Vice-President Dick Cheney really changes the way you look back on the presidency of George W. Bush. Cheney's...

How Bush stole the White House

Many things have been going wrong in the 2000 presidential election. This documentary shows how George W. Bush stole his seat in the white...

The Truth behind the War against Iraq

The second war against Iraq (also known as "second gulf war") started in March 2003. Over 5 years ago from now. According to Bush...

Bush Family – Hidden secrets

George W. Bush is only the latest and most famous part of the Bush family. He, as well as his father could call themselves...

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