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Chinese Warfare

Military technology in ancient China as been thousands of  years ahead of western warfare and invented the most deadly weapons of their time. They...

The Dangerous Devotion to Cults

Cults often start as a loose group of people with a carismatic leader. But over time the groups attract more and more people and...
The Search for the Lost World of Atlantis

The Search for the Lost World of Atlantis

Every study of the lost city of Atlantis begins with Plato. Plato, the father of Western philosophy, wrote a book about a utopian society...
Is There Really A President’s Secret Book?

Is There Really A President’s Secret Book?

In January 2009, the chief justice administered the oath of office to US President Barrack Obama. Upon arriving at the White House, Obama discovers...

Secrets of Body Language: What non-verbal communication reveals

Consisting of body posture, gestures, eye movements and facial expressions, the body language is the most important form of nonverbal communication. The way someone...

Cat Stevens becomes Yusuf Islam

Cat Stevens is one of the most popular artists in the music business of our time. He had many albums in the top 10...

The life of Barack Obama

This biography shows how Barack Obama has evolved over time, where his roots are and what he stands for. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. -...

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