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Did the Titanic Really Sink?

Even a century after the Titanic sank, people are still attracted to exibithions and stories about the famous ship. But is the ship at...

Global Transport Crisis: The Future of Transportation

Thirty years from now, scientists have predicted that oil reserves would have ran out. This means that cars won’t be of any use unless...

Surviving the Marine Recon Training

Marine recons are the eyes and ears of the marines who are the first men in the ground behind enemy lines. Marines have to...
special forces dive training

Surviving the Special Forces Diver’s Training

  The Special Forces Driver’s training course helps elite soldiers to achieve an even more prestigious status in the US military. In operations requiring Special...

Bermuda Triangle Exposed

The Bermuda Triangel, also known as Devil's Triangle, is a region in the North Atlantic Ocean. The weather conditions can change within minutes and...

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