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The History of Writing

Writing (from Latin: “scribere” with the pen on a blackboard) marks the recording of characters, letters, numbers or musical notes. Its counterpart is reading;...

B Is for Book

The documentary follows a group of primary school children over the course of a year as they learn to read. Some of them make a...

Schools Are Prisons

This amateur documentary examines the current school system that follows the principles of prisons and German (Nazi) indoctrination camps. All of them trying to...

Bill Gates Talks at TED and Unleashes Mosquitoes

On this year's TED Talks 2009 in California Bill Gates shocked his audience of rich people with the unleashing of a swarm of mosquitoes,...

Watch “The Wave” Online – A real life student experiment

The movie "The Wave" is based on a novel by Morton Rhue and is based on a true story that happend in 1967 at...

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The History of Writing

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