tetrisTetris is probably one of the most famous computer-games that have ever been developed. Alexei Pajitnov createt this simple, yet addictive game in 1984 as a student at the famous Soviet Union’s Academy of Science. It initially worked only on the Soviet Elektronika 60 Computer and got very popular among staff members and students at the Academy of Science in Moscow. It’s worldwide popularity became Tetris, after Nintendo published it on their video-game console and the gameboy. This resulted in millions of dollars of  royalties – but not for the developer himself, but the Russian government. Poor Alexei.

Tetris – From Russia with love
(BBC Documentary)


  1. Am i the only one who just loves watching such documentaries or what??
    maybe its coz i have a similar dream of entrepreneuring. soon all you guys might also be hating on me.

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