Since time immemorial, the Southern Texas border is a conflict zone. The Mexican government has long declared its opposition against drug cartels. Naturally, drug cartels fought back to regain control. The violence has reached Unites States and the Texas Department of Public Safety is tasked to protect the 1200 mile border of the country by any means necessary.

This Discovery Channel feature documents the day to day activities of police enforcers to ensure border security. Their task is to intercept illegal trafficking activities that are implemented and performed by well-armed cartel members. These thugs transport drugs and weapons hoping for those merchandise to reach the underground market. These cartel members seek to sell them  to acquire more money for weapons.

To combat them, the Texas Police Department has employed the expertise of assault teams. The team has a mobile station fully equipped with live feed of the numerous hidden cameras in the border. Meanwhile, the aircraft division is tasked to support every land operation to ensure success. The aircraft they use have the latest surveillance features like thermal imaging and daylight cameras. The air unit serves as the eyes of the team to know what’s really happening at the ground.

Watch the documentary below to know how the Texas Public Safety Department takes border security seriously.

Texas Drug Wars: Cartel Crackdown

Discovery Channel


  1. I wish there was a way to thank each and every one of these great folks. What a story!! This information needs to go mainstream and stay front page news until these men get top recognition. Can anyone imagine Texas without them?

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